Maria van Vlodrop

Founder & CEO, MvVO ART

Maria van Vlodrop has built businesses and brands in both the US and Europe. She blends blue-chip marketing expertise with cutting-edge technology experience and an entrepreneurial flair. Her successful track record includes campaigns for Pepsi, Haagen-Dazs, Finlandia Vodka, L’Oréal, Toyota and many others. Maria received her Master’s degree from the London School of Economics. She founded MvVO ART to build bridges between ART & Commerce and to open doors for emerging artists. MvVO ART’s inaugural AD ART SHOW 2018 opened to rave reviews at Sotheby’s New York, exhibiting the work of 90 artists following in the footsteps of Warhol, Magritte, Haring and the many noted artists that worked in advertising. Plans are in the works for AD ART SHOW 2019.