Kim Austin

Vice President, Regional Marketing and Communications, Stantec

From receptionist to Vice President Kim’s journey with Stantec has gone from answering phones to marketing manager and ultimately to her current role as Vice President. During this time, She has led the marketing, communications, and brand transition for over 100 acquisitions across the globe, helped lead the organization through two re-brands and numerous companywide M&BD program rollouts. After over 18 years with Stantec, She is responsible for marketing and communications for sector and regional marketing teams across the globe. Her focus? Instilling Stantec’s brand within local communities. That means pursuing market strategies and community engagement opportunities that will embed the company’s brand wherever it works and in whatever it does. When developing and supporting Stantec’s marketing and communications teams, Kim looks for people who will help set the company apart in the marketplace. Creative and determined minds who contribute to making Stantec an employer of choice and a partner of choice for their clients. A large part of her job also includes welcoming new colleagues through acquisition—introducing them to Stantec’s culture and people and helping them through a new, pretty intense, journey. Stantec’s brand isn’t just a logo and a tagline—it’s who they are and what they stand for. It really is a commitment to their communities.