Jeffrey Taub, FSMPS, CPSM – Marketer of the Year

Vice President - Corporate Marketing, AKRF, Inc

Jeffrey Taub, FSMPS, CPSM, is the Vice President for Corporate Marketing at AKRF, where he directs visibility, publicity, and business development strategy for the 10-office, 350-person consulting firm. He is the senior marketer responsible for building the brand and driving strategic, thoughtful decision-making around client development initiatives. Jeffrey’s wide-ranging contributions to AKRF involve strategic planning, digital marketing, corporate culture, business partnerships, professional development, technology, and special projects. Jeffrey is a National Fellow of SMPS and a Certified Professional Services Marketer, and has been a longtime volunteer for local, regional, and national SMPS committees and activities. He formerly served as President of the New Jersey Chapter before presiding over its transition to a New York Chapter Affiliate. He is currently a member of the New Jersey Affiliate Committee and Mentorship Program, and recently served on the Chapter Advisory Council. He has twice been a Coordinator’s Club panelist and an instructor for the CPSM Study Group, and recently co-presented “Marketing Beyond Proposals” for a joint SMPS/SAME program. He is also a two-time Member of the Month, and frequent contributor to the national Marketer journal. Jeffrey shared the following acknowledgments..."Being named “Marketer of the Year” is an honor I share with the many people who have both guided my development as a professional marketer and encouraged me to volunteer for SMPS throughout my career. Marcy Stanley, who encouraged me to not only join SMPS but jump right onto a committee; Sharyn Yorio, who brought me onto an SMPS chapter board and made sure I learned every single job there was to do; Andrew Weinberg, who has been the model SMPS leader inspiring me from near and far to do more and more; Cliff Orsher and Jessica Stoute, our wonderful marketing directors at AKRF who literally make every day here a joy; and Karen Franz and Mike Lee, our CEO and President at AKRF, respectively, who never hesitate to support any proposed SMPS involvement of mine I throw their way. Thank you all!"