Cassandra Yzaguirre – Rising Star Winner

Marketing and Graphics Coordinator, Echem Consultants

With a degree in economics and marketing, paired with a liberal arts foundation in music and the arts, Cassandra is analytical and solves problems creatively. From ideas to implementation, Cassandra has helped companies connect to their target audience using design, multimedia, and marketing strategy. As the lead Marketing and Graphics Coordinator at Echem Consultants since 2017, a woman-owned material science consultancy for the A/E/C industry, Cassandra utilizes her interdisciplinary skillset to drive meaningful connection among team members, initiatives, and business opportunities. Through her kindness and consistency, she nurtures relationships built on trust and integrity. By actively participating in industry events, mentorship programs, and committee meetings, Cassandra identifies best practices to further connect Echem Consultants with industry partners. Cassandra is proud to build strong ties in the A/E/C industry through her active role in the SMPS New York Chapter. Cassandra shared the following acknowledgments..."Cassandra would like to thank the principal owners of Echem Consultants who have continued to endorse her involvement within SMPS. She is grateful to her colleagues and the many A/E/C professionals at SMPS who have provided guidance and unwavering encouragement. Finally, she would like to thank her parents, who have shown endless optimism; her strong, confident sisters; and her husband, who provides support and good humor when it is needed the most."