Kim Haas

President, Haas Media, LLC

Kim Haas, President of Haas Media LLC, is a public involvement specialist with over a decade of experience spearheading projects from conception through execution to completion. Her experience includes grassroots and community outreach as well as stakeholder engagement, public relations and translation services. Her project experience includes: North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority's Street Smart Campaign Phases I and II, New Jersey Department of Transportation's Pulaski Skyway and Route 495, Route 1& 9 Paterson Plank Road Bridge, South Jersey Transportation Authority's Atlantic City All Electronic Tolling, Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Bronx E-Z Pass Outreach, The Wisconsin Department of Transportation's largest highway infrastructure projects: The Marquette Interchange, I-94 North South Corridor and the Zoo Interchange. Prior to founding Haas Media LLC, Kim worked in media and community relations including co-hosting television programs in English, Spanish, and Italian for Philadelphia’s WYBE TV, serving as Communications Coordinator for Philadelphia’s Mayor’s Office of Community Services, and working as Director of Marketing for WWSI TV Telemundo of the national SCORE Award in the Outstanding Minority Owned Business Category. Haas Media has also received numerous recognitions including receipt of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's Golden Shovel Award for Outstanding Community Outreach. Currently, Kim is Director-at-Large for Women Transportation Seminar's Greater New York