Jennifer O’Donnell

Associate Vice President

  • Cannon Design
  • Member, Programs Committee
In her role as Associate Vice President of Cannon Design, Jennifer O’Donnell is known for her strong work ethic and enthusiastic attitude. She is a valued member of SMPS-NY and always lends a helping hand as part of the Programs Committee. We are proud to name her November’s Member of the Month. Below are some insights and personal information that Jennifer has shared with us. 1. Where are you from originally, and how did you end up in New York City? I am a Jersey girl; Born and raised in northern NJ and currently living there now as well, recently coming off of an eleven year hiatus from the NYC metro area. Orlando, FL was my home for eight years and then I was in Chicago, IL for three, moving back east in 2010. I am extremely thankful for my experiences in both the south and Midwest (would not change it for the world!), but nothing compares to the vibe and excitement of working in and living close to the Big Apple. 2. How did you first get into the A/E/C industry? I was in the automotive industry for 12 years, working for a large car manufacturer managing dealership franchises on their sales, marketing and client retention initiatives. I loved the relationship building and business growth aspect of what I was doing, but decided it was time to explore something else in my career. There happened to be a BD position for an A/E firm available when I began my search and at the interview, I really hit it off with the office leaders. My passion for home design and renovations probably contributed to the success of that initial interview, but I really sort of fell into this business. May not sound like the best answer, but it’s the truth! The good news is I never looked back. 3. If you could give one tip or word of advice to your fellow AEC marketers, what would it be? A life lesson I’ve learned time and time again is “never say never”. It’s hard to predict what happens in life and you often find yourself in situations you would have never dreamed of. Life happens when you’re not looking, and you need to adapt, go with the flow, and make the most out of every day. This is not to say you have no control of your destiny however, I believe that you should never give up on what you want in life.

[expand title=”Read the rest of the article here…”] 4. What SMPS-NY events are you looking forward to in the coming months ahead? Being in a Business Development role for Cannon Design, I am about to embark on our business planning initiatives for 2013. SMPS-NY organizes an annual meeting that happens every January; a program about market forecasts, market trends and what to expect in the AEC industry for the coming year. There are always many great take-aways, plus there’s no better way to kick off the year than to see all my SMPS friends after the holiday season! 5. What do you enjoy most about your current role as Associate Vice President of Cannon Design? Business Development/Marketing in this industry is all about connecting the dots and information sharing. Being a part of a 1000+ person firm affords me the ability to cultivate a national network and work with my colleagues and business partners around the country to share intelligence and best practices. This is a part of Cannon Design’s SFMO (Single Firm Multi Office) approach where teamwork is key. I also take on “connecting the dots” as a personal challenge, with each and every “dot” being a mini-success building up to the end result of a business opportunity. Interview by: Elise Martos, Marketing Coordinator for Dominick R. Pilla Associates PC. [/expand]