Elise Martos

Marketing Coordinator

  • Dominick R. Pilla Associates, PC
  • Co-Chair, Public Relations Committee
  • Member, SMPS-NY Westchester Affiliate
Our February Member of the Month is no stranger to accolades. In fact, last year Elise Martos was awarded the Mary Findlen Professional Development Grant presented to junior-level A/E/C marketers. The grant enabled her to attend the SMPS National Conference, Build Business, which resulted in her experience being published on the national website. With a business administration background focusing on marketing, she brings a fresh perspective of the industry to her firm, DRPILLA and SMPS-NY. This is evident from her duties as co-chair of the Public Relations Committee where she manages the Facebook page and interviews each Member of the Month. So let’s turn the tables on Elise and learn more about the woman behind the scenes. 1. Where are you from originally and what brought you to New York City? I grew up in Westchester County. I attended school in Miami and lived and worked for an Orlando based development firm for two years, but knowing that I wanted to make my way back to New York, I relocated in 2010 and began working for DRPILLA. 2. Describe your perfect Saturday? My perfect Saturday would consist of waking up around 10am, having chocolate chip pancakes, taking a walk in the park with my husband followed by typical weekend errands. The evening would include dinner and drinks with friends, and of course ending the night, with an old movie or a few Golden Girls episodes.

[expand title=”Read the rest of the article here…”] 3. Can you tell us more about your involvement with the SMPS PR Committee and what new things the committee is working on? I am currently serving as the co-chair for the committee and although somewhat of a newer member to SMPS, I have been very pleased with how rewarding the position has been. To elaborate, we just launched the SMPS New York Chapter Facebook page this past October and have begun a Twitter sub-committee where we plan to have an even stronger social media presence. We also have been conducting the Member of the Month interviews, which we do in tandem with the Membership Committee to complete. Another exciting addition to our committee is the post-event video interviews, which can be viewed on the SMPS New York Facebook page. The first ones were conducted after the Principle’s Breakfast this past month. 4. If you could try any profession for a day, what would you choose? Well, my initial career choice as a nine year old was definitely a veterinarian. So perhaps in staying true to that childhood dream, I would try it for a day and see what could have developed. I also would enjoy the fact that veterinary medicine is totally outside of my career comfort zone and even for a day, would challenge me. 5. What firm are you currently working for and what responsibilities does your job include? I am the Marketing Coordinator at Dominick R. Pilla Associates, PC (DRPILLA) My responsibilities include coordinating submittals for RFP’s, awards, and publications, proposal and contract coordination, creating and editing print/web marketing materials, including brochures, mailers and e-mails, creating and maintaining all forms of social media and our company websites, maintaining company contacts and managing the company photography library. Our firm also has an in-house company wire-haired fox terrier, which I have gladly taken on responsibilities for! 6. What is your favorite pastime? My favorite pastime is horseback riding. I have ridden all throughout my life and find it to be both mentally and physically stimulating. There is a discipline involved with it that is applicable to most areas of one’s life, and of course, the inherit connection that exists between the horse and rider is always rewarding. 7. What SMPS events are you looking forward to for 2013? I am really looking forward to Business Development Live coming up this month because I have not yet attended one, but have heard great things about the program from many other SMPS members. I am also looking forward to this year’s national Build Business conference in Orlando, FL. Last year’s conference in San Francisco was extremely beneficial and eye-opening about the sheer size and dedication of the A/E/C society which I am a member of. It is also a great chance to meet and learn from other chapters. Interview by: Allison Dolegowski, SMPS-NY Director of Public Relations [/expand]