Patricia Grew

Director of Marketing/Client Services

  • AKF Group LLC
  • Member, Programs Committee
April’s Member of the Month, Patricia Grew is known for her energetic spirit and strong work ethic. With over 15 years of A/E/C marketing experience, she is a valued asset to her firm, AKF Group LLC, where she serves as the Director of Marketing and Client Services. Patricia has generously lent her experience and knowledge to the Programs Committee, where her dedication is greatly appreciated. Read below as Patricia has shared some of her thoughts and ideas with us. 1. Where are you from originally and what brought you to New York City? I am originally from Poughquag, NY, which is in Dutchess County. I went to University of Maryland and started my career in the Washington DC/Baltimore area, but after being gone from NY for several years I missed home. I’ve been in NYC ever since. 2. Have you always worked in the A/E/C industry? Yes – I graduated on a Saturday and started working at Gensler in Washington DC two days later. It was a great way to start my career with an amazing group of people that I still am in contact with today.

[expand title=”Read the rest of the article here…”] 3. What college and/or university did you attend and what area did you study? University of Maryland – BS in Marketing and Business Administration with a minor in Women’s Studies. 4. What do you find to be most rewarding about being a member of the Programs Committee? Most importantly and rewarding aspect is the camaraderie with my peers and working as a collective team. I have been involved with the Programs Committee for what seems like forever and to witness firsthand how far we have come in raising the bar as far as the depth of our topics, the level of executives on our panels and the knowledge and leadership of the members of our committee. 5.Can you describe for us a typical day as the Director of Marketing/Client Services at AKF? Never a dull moment! One of AKF’s Core Values is the “Internal Client”, which is defined as, “Maintaining an unwavering level of commitment and service to each other enables us to do the same for our clients.” My day is spent responding to both the internal and external client and ensuring that AKF’s message is being delivered in the most timely and effective manner. 6. What are some of your favorite hobbies and/or activities? I am the youngest of eight children with five brothers and 2 sisters – spending time with family and friends is very important to me. I have been into sports my entire life – playing softball, volleyball, golf and tennis and losing isn’t an option! Interview by: Elise Martos, Marketing Coordinator for Dominick R. Pilla Associates PC. [/expand]