And here are the much-anticipated, somewhat-surprising results of our Two Truths and a Lie interview with SMPS-NY Board Member Alicia Koledin 1. I am an active member of the American Poolplayers Association. TRUTH! I play as an amateur 2 nights a week on the Upper East Side and am ranked as a Skill Level 4. Not exactly pro level, but I can hold my own in 8-ball and take down regulars in most bars. You might have seen me at the recent SMPS-NY Spirits event at Eastside Billiards, one of my “home” venues, and I look forward to another pool-related SMPS event soon! 2. I was born and raised in New York City. LIE! Although I come from a small town in Ohio, I couldn’t wait to explore the world, starting with a trip to Hawaii when I was a kid. As soon as I graduated high school, I headed to the University of Cincinnati for architecture school, from which I fortunate enough to springboard around the country – and around the world. As part of the co-op program there, I worked for HOK in Houston, Gensler in Washington, D.C., and KPF in London, and then finally ended up here in New York in 2001. Since then, I’ve also been as far as the Philippines. (And, I’m happy to say – that trip was NOT work-related!) 3. I have been in the music business. TRUTH! I started writing music reviews for the college newspaper, then graduated to being a regular writer for online magazines. When I moved to New York, I set up my own online music rag called Sellout Magazine ( and also began doing booking and promotion for various local acts. My clients performed at clubs all over the East Village, Lower East Side and in Brooklyn, including Pianos, Lit Lounge, Galapagos, and Pete’s Candy Store.