SMPS New York is saddened once again by the string of hateful and violent incidents taking place around the United States, which have had a devastating impact specifically on communities of color and Asian immigrants. The shootings and attacks targeting Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are the most recent reminders of our country’s egregious history of anti-Asian racism and unacceptable violence against these and other communities.

As a chapter, as Board Members, and as individuals, it is our priority to create a safe, inclusive environment for all members of every gender, race, and sexual identity within the SMPS New York community. We stand in solidarity with the AAPI community. Recent violence and hatred have caused overwhelming fear, grief, rage, and pain in New York City and throughout the country. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the AAPI community and the families and friends of the victims of the Atlanta shootings and recent attacks within our own city. We grieve alongside you.

The SMPS New York Board of Directors is proud to serve one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the world. We will continue to take steps to elevate the values of inclusion and advocate for underrepresented populations, both within our organization and across the AEC industry. It is up to us—both individually and collectively as a professional organization with visibility in our industry—to identify opportunities for inclusion, continue to evolve our approach to programming, and find ways we can act as a community. Our early initiatives have included:

  • Appointing our first-ever Director of Diversity and Inclusion in 2019 to oversee representation initiatives for the chapter and all planned activities
  • Continuously working to create a more diverse list of speakers, perspectives, and topics
  • Laying the groundwork for a higher education outreach program to increase knowledge of the industry and our organization, and encourage underrepresented professionals to enter the industry
  • Creating a Technology Task Force that improves inclusionary activities by providing equal opportunity for involvement within the SMPS New York community
  • Developing scholarship opportunities to enable diverse participation in professional development events, such as SMPS conferences
  • Discounted sponsorship opportunities and admission prices for certified MWBE firms

We are listening. If you have questions about our position or recommendations for how we can improve our efforts, please reach out to any member of the Board of Directors. For resources on how to become a better ally to the AAPI community and other underrepresented populations, we encourage you to visit: