Andrew Abel


Andrew Abel
    • WSP Flack + Kurtz
All of us in the SMPS NY chapter know our current president Andrew Abel, Marketing Manager at WSP Flack + Kurtz. Very few of us know that his favorite TV show is Game of Thrones or that if he were not a successful AEC marketer, he would be a lawyer because as he says “very few people have ever won an argument with me.” Totally understandable seeing how accomplished Andrew has become not only within the SMPS community but in general.

[expand title=”Read the rest of the article here…”] What is your current role in SMPS-NY?
I’m currently the President, but I’ve been involved with the board since 2006. How long have you been a member of SMPS?
I joined SMPS in 2005. What firm are you currently working for and what responsibilities does your job include?
I am the Marketing Manager at WSP Flack + Kurtz. What degree(s) do you hold and from what schools?
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications, with a specialization in public relations from Rowan University. How did you first get into AEC industry?
In a prior life, my job function was being transferred to a regional office in Toledo, OH. I chose to get a job in NY working for an AEC firm (by chance). The decision has proved to be slightly better than living in one of the armpits of Ohio, but only slightly… What do you find most interesting about the AEC industry?
I’ve found that the marketing community within the industry is a pretty strong, tight-knit group. I’m not sure if it’s an overall group personality thing or if it’s based on the fact that we all suffer equally and are so comfortable sharing those experiences. What benefits have SMPS had for your career?
I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of great people and gain a lot of experience with budgeting and financial planning, amongst other things. On my way to being president I’ve had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other chapter leaders across the country and within the SMPS-NY chapter. If you could give one tip of advice to your fellow AEC marketers, what would it be?
You get back only what you put in. Get involved and make some noise! If you were not in the AEC industry, what other field would you work in?
I’d be a lawyer, because very few people have ever won an argument with me. What is your favorite TV show?
Game of Thrones, which I’m pleased to see, is staying surprisingly true to the story told in the books. What are you going to miss most about your current presidential role?
Not getting any flack for being a control freak. by Elise Martos, Marketing Coordinator for Dominick R. Pilla Associates PC. [/expand]