Hi Members!

May of 2020 has been, for me and the SMPS-NY Board of Directors, ALL ABOUT YOU, our members. As your President, know that I appreciate you–you’ve helped remind me to take a moment to breathe, to stay positive, call up friends, and take every opportunity to celebrate the good times. We’re getting through this! 

Many of us stop every evening to pause to cheer and clap for the frontline essential workers at 7:00 PM. I experienced this the most magical way this month after a walk around my neighborhood in Brooklyn, strolling down a street where everyone opened windows, rang bells and one guy even played the steel drums as an act of appreciation.  On this stroll my husband and I were also lucky enough to see all the rainbows that children had placed in their apartment windows as a sign of hope.  Have you seen them yet? You should check it  out:

Rainbows in Brooklyn 

More Rainbows in Brooklyn

I personally needed this reminder to reaffirm that our situation is temporary and that there is another side of the rainbow and to take the time to reflect on the successes we have experienced this year. Successes like the amazing way our networking events have shifted onto virtual platforms, more professional development education events, and client-focused programming tailored specifically for our “new normal” (who’s tired of hearing that phrase, right?!). Of course, we’re always looking for exciting and interesting new ideas, so please, if anything has stood out to you that others have done, please don’t hesitate to let me know!  As a Board of Directors, we’ve worked hard to adjust as we work with the SMPS national leadership to “pivot and focus” on future programming for 2020 and into the next year.

One program stands out specifically to me. Earlier this month we held a very special members-only professional development event led by Carol Doscher of Graceworks (and our May 2020 Member of the Month!) on Hi Tech Human Connection. What I loved about this program was the Graceworks’ team’s ability to help us learn essential practices that ensure that we, as marketing leaders in our firms, can enhance the overall experience for our clients and our colleagues. What did you think?

As we move forward, I am working on more exclusive programs like this because I believe your SMPS membership should work for you and your firm! There’s also so much support that SMPS Headquarters offers our members and I implore you to take a look: