Maintaining Connections & Staying Strong While Social Distancing


I’m sure you can imagine how my extroverted, Libra, Type-A personality has been coping during these last few weeks. February was an incredibly busy time, I was traveling, planning and attending SMPS-NY networking events and professional development programming in February, not to mention leading marketing efforts at my firm – it was nuts.  You’d think a little time at home would be incredibly welcome.

Honestly, it’s been tough being apart and applying social distancing practices in NYC…from colleagues, from friends and family and especially from you…our local SMPS-NY community of sponsors, members, vendors, volunteers and connections. As President, the choices made and enforced by our Board of Directors and Committees to postpone and cancel events were significantly tough…however, the decision to keep everyone safe and healthy was easy. In this challenging time I have been so fortunate to have realized how supported I am in my larger SMPS community and have so much gratitude for years of building these relationships with so many of you (that’s what SMPS is all about!).

When COVID-19 news “got real,” I immediately reached out to my fellow Presidents in our Facebook group when I needed help and was greeted by all kinds of suggestions, ideas and support to lift me back up when I felt lost and exhausted by the confusion. I found leaders and members from across the US reaching out to me to see how they could help…none of us are alone. Bonded through the modern technologies of video conferencing, chat systems (our Board uses Ring Central for Glip), project management software (my marketing team uses Asana), email and good ol’ phone calls…we stay connected despite the climate of change and the fear this health emergency has spread. We’ve even been inspired to create a new Facebook group for our SMPS-NY members – check it out here!

Sure, there’s a little added stress to keep everything functioning normally, but I take so much comfort and celebrate the fact my network has my back, through the thick and thin of it. New York City is place of resiliency and determination; the most attractive quality for my choice to move and live here for almost 9 years!

Remember to stay connected to each other during this difficult time and check in on how you might help others. You’d be surprised the power of reaching out and just letting your community know you are there for them. We’ve got your back, SMPS-NY!

Despite the chaos, I’m feeling grateful for such a strong network that includes amazing women like you guys. We’ll get through this, and we’ll celebrate with shots when we’re no longer socially distancing ourselves from other human beings.

Rebecca Roy, current Chapter President of SMPS Northern New England