[insert-author-info] As winter turns the corner and spring comes into full view, several things have conspired recently to steer my thoughts in the direction of other transitions. Shifts in the current political climate are making me uneasy, as well as some more positive developments in my personal and professional life. Most of us believe change is fundamentally good, opening us up to different perspectives and new opportunities. So what is it about change that sometimes makes it so difficult for us to embrace? Periods of transition tend to be difficult, marked by significant challenges along the way. But how we handle those challenges is what allows us to grow into better human beings, and presumably, collectively, a better society. I was reflecting on this when I came across a wonderful little video post this week, explaining how a lobster grows in response to stress. So many times, change just feels uncomfortable, often bringing on stress as well. But let’s learn from the lobsters. Sure, we may have to hide under a rock for a while until we feel safe again. But the important part is to come back out, in a new shell, stronger and with even more room to expand and grow. Over the next few months, SMPS New York is preparing to help you and your business grow, with programs designed to assist you in your transition to bigger and better things. On April 14, we’re offering a Professional Development program on marketing planning, so you can best position your firm for what’s next. The following week, on April 20, our Long Island Affiliate brings our in-kind sponsors, Ashok Sinha Photography and Arbuckle Industries to the forefront, to give you all the information and tips you need to use photos and videos to amplify your marketing messages. If you’ve been thinking about certification to help give you that professional edge, come attend our free CPSM Info Session on May 5. In addition, THE Marketing Event, our annual full-day symposium, is kicking off its planning process with a survey on what you would like to see presented at TME in November. Look for it in your inbox soon and be sure to respond. And if you and your firm have already accomplished great things this year, submit for our Marketing and Communications and Chapter Leadership Awards. Hurry, the deadline is this Friday, March 25! With that, I wish you all luck of the Irish during this St. Patrick’s Day season, and good business transitions all throughout the spring!