Everyone needs a little help, a little guidance, a little wisdom once in a while. It’s nice to know that our SMPS New York chapter community is right there when you need it. We have an outstanding membership that consists of a broad range of talents, skillsets, and experience. Our membership also represents a full spectrum of levels of experience, from new college grads to senior marketers and business developers, and all levels in between. And what’s great is that we all learn from each other, share best practices, common challenges, and provide lessons learned.

So why do I bring up this amazing range and diversity among our members? It is because we are at that time of year when our Mentor Program applications are due. Not familiar with our Mentor Program? For the past 13 years, we have facilitated an excellent opportunity for professional growth. And I will tell you firsthand, having participated both as a mentor and a protégé, everyone, no matter the stage in their career, can use a mentor. And if you’re a mid to senior level professional, you should strongly consider the benefits of being a mentor.

Our program runs throughout the SMPS fiscal year, September through August. Applications are due by Friday, August 6th (we’ll give a little leeway), so our program leaders have the time to properly match pairs based on responses to the application questions. The kickoff will be in September, a group meeting and orientation, where goals, desired outcomes, and expectations will be brainstormed and shared by all. All the pairs will meet as a group about four times throughout the year, where guest speakers will present and discuss many aspects of career paths, and share their experiences. Incredibly helpful to all participants!

In addition, the mentoring pairs will each meet on their own, monthly, for about an hour, usually over a meal if in person, throughout the term. This was done virtually this past year, which worked well. It will be up to each pair on how and when they meet. The style of mentorship and these discussions can vary and will be decided by each pair. Sometimes they are more structured, with agendas, milestones, and goals. While others are more free-flowing, with discussions that address current situations, challenges, and opportunities. Both styles are right, and serve their pairs well. It is more about the needs, desires, and outcomes. Mentorship pairs are also usually in touch between there meetings, as may be needed.

I hope you will give serious consideration to participating in SMPS New York’s Mentor Program. It truly creates valuable professional relationships you’ll relish for years to come.

While the summer is a time of transition and planning for our Chapter, we continue to host a variety of great programming. On July 14th, our Coordinators Club held its annual Proposal Swap. This popular and well-attended event features the exchange of ideas, tools, tricks, and solutions to all aspects of creating effective and outstanding proposal submissions. On July 22nd, our Membership and Special Events Committees co-hosted our Virtual Committee Mixer. This was a great opportunity to learn more about SMPS resources and the many ways to get involved in our Chapter. What a wealth of information!

August will be a month for networking and staying connected. On August 3rd, our NJ Affiliate will host their latest Knowledge Sharing, this time focusing on Inner Expectations, Outer Expectations: How Do You Respond?  I’m intrigued! On August 18th, be sure to join us for Summer Olympics SMPS-NY’s NJ Affiliate!  For those of you who think the Summer Olympics is only taking place in Tokyo this year, think again! And finally, on August 25th, enjoy Spirits with SMPS-NY’s Westchester Hudson Valley Affiliate. Save the date, to be posted soon. Sounds like a great rest of the summer with SMPS-NY!

So while you enjoy the rest of the summer, don’t forget to do a little planning ahead. Be sure to connect with us throughout August. And submit your application for the Mentor Program. Did I mention now’s the time? What a great decision! We look forward to seeing you at an SMPS event soon!