Wow, how is it already July?!?!? My first tomato has arrived after months of care and daily nurturing and I couldn’t be prouder.  It feels really good to see something through and the success of the end result…and I’m proud to say the fruits of our labor for SMPS-NY this year are plentiful as well. 

New York is famously tough, we work hard through difficult circumstances and of course. But all that hard work deserves a little bit of reward. So, it’s time to celebrate! 

Please join us on August 6th for a first-ever virtual Liberty Ball, SMPS New York’s Annual Meeting and Awards program – if you’ve been before, you know it’s always a great time. This year, we’ll share some sparkle with our members and volunteer community on all the positive things that have happened this year! 

But don’t take my word for it (I mean, do, but you know what I mean), here are NINE reasons why you should register today and celebrate with us: 

  1. This is my last big event and I want to see all the faces that have made my SMPS- NY Presidency so rewarding! (PS I miss you all so much)
  2. We’re helping those in need – all members can CHOOSE where to allocate aid as part of their registration – NYC COVID-19 relief, SMPS NY Mary Findlen Scholarship or split between both causes.
  3. Custom curated music, creative videos and craft cocktail recipes for you to make at home. 
  4. A reason to get your ‘hair did’ and get fancy to network with all your friends and new members. Gowns and Tuxedos encouraged.
  5. Clap (you know the Zoom emoji well now!) for some fantastic people that help elevate marketing in our industry and support our Chapter’s PAA.
  6. See the MCA projects and collateral and cheer on the companies awarded best of the best. You can also pick your favorite as we award the People’s Choice award winner, live!
  7. Learn about what the chapter has accomplished this year (despite the odds) and how you can further participate.
  8. Meet the 2020-2021 Board of Directors and help welcome them to a bright year ahead!
  9. We’re GIVING AWAY MEMBERSHIPS – thanks to the generosity of SMPS HQ, we’re raffling three full-year memberships…this is a big deal!

I’m looking forward to having some fun and giving recognition to all of your accomplishments!