Which road will you choose? When things look bleak, when your support system isn’t quite there, when the easier path may be to give up. What will you do? Quit? Throw your hands up? Not a chance. I say, make a proactive deliberate decision to stay the course and keep moving forward. It’s not easy when it seems we are continuously tested and challenged. The stress and anxiety about our current life circumstances has seemingly never been like this. Not to mention all the weather challenges too! So, who will you be? What example will you set? I’m not saying change who you are. No way! You do you. And make the decision to bring it!

SMPS-NY is doing its part to provide the steadfast professional support you need to survive and thrive. To help enable you to step up during these challenges and bring your best to your role and your firm. SMPS is the backbone of your career, and is intertwined in its path and success. The depth is truly unlimited. Take a look, explore and discover. Tap your friends’ knowledge of what’s available to you. Reach out to the chapter leadership and volunteers if you’re not sure where to start or where to look. And just a heads up, we’re planning an SMPS-NY Town Hall on May 13th (save the date! 5-6:30 PM) where you can learn just how to leverage this incredible resource. Stay tuned for details!

I continue to be greatly impressed by the perseverance and tenacity of our chapter’s leaders, committees, and volunteers, and appreciate their efforts and passion. We are monitoring the “temperature” of our community, seeking out what is really needed, and will provide value as we move forward and navigate our current environment. I hope you have been taking advantage of our programs and events! There is much in store that will provide guidance and best practices for all the many hats we wear as marketers and business developers. All while continuing to bring our community together, sharing experiences, and being there for each other.

As a quick recap, our recent programming has been terrific. We hope you were able to join us on Jan. 28th for our monthly Virtual Meet & Greet, featuring guests Elissa Delfico and Cassandra Yzaguirre. On Feb. 2nd, our Leadership Committee and Mentorship Program teamed up for a great panel discussion, Up and Down the Communications Ladder: How to Communicate Across the Corporate Ladder, which offered some amazing and useful insights! On Feb.4th, our NJ Affiliate hosted a great Knowledge Sharing discussion on Successful Mentorships, with guests Pat Neumann and Martha Huguet, co-leaders of our chapter’s Mentorship Program. Then our Programs and Professional Development committees partnered on a fantastic program, Working Where We Are, on Feb. 17th. What a great discussion, with shared insights and lessons learned! Talk about stepping up your knowledge and value for your role and your firm! Our chapter blog often highlights program recaps, so please visit to get a flavor of past events.

Be sure to mark your calendars and register for what’s coming up! On Feb. 25th, our next monthly Virtual Meet & Greet will feature guests Julie Pampuch and Nicole Veenstra. And you may have heard, coming up on March 17th, the amazing Peter Shankman will present The New Butterfly Effect: Why the Customer Experience Matters More Now Than Ever Before. Surely not to be missed! And on March 31st, our NJ Affiliate presents Elevate Your Career, an excellent opportunity to learn successful strategies on how to grow and advance your career. This one is geared towards all levels of careers and all types of roles. Talk about what we need now and going forward! Other dates to keep in mind include our Town Hall on May 13th and our 2021 Annual Meeting & Liberty Ball will be held on June 24th.  Please save the dates, more details to come!

There is already some exciting activity happening behind scenes, all in an effort to plan for next year and beyond. Coming up very soon is the beginning of our election process for next year’s Board of Directors. Watch for our Call for Nominations to be sent out on or about March 24th. Also, the Chapter Leadership Symposium (CLS) (formerly PLS) is taking place in April. CLS is a bootcamp for all SMPS chapter presidents-elect and programs representatives to meet their “class” of leaders, and attend sessions geared towards training for the year ahead, learning about SMPS HQ resources, roles and responsibilities, etc. It is an excellent experience that essentially kicks off planning for our next fiscal year that begins on Sept. 1, 2021.

Lastly, a quick update for the SMPS Northeast Regional Conference (NERC). As you might have expected, this year’s conference in May has now gone virtual. And if you’re already registered, you get a two-for-one by opting to also attend in person in 2022. Details here!

To wrap this up, I hope you will embrace and capture all that SMPS-NY is providing and has to offer, perhaps most importantly of which is our unique and amazing network. Tap your connections. Cultivate friendships. Support and lift each other. That is why we’re here. Have a great month ahead!