Taking Stock & Closing Out 2018


I’m not really one for personal resolutions. Why wait for a new year to start making positive changes? Those can start anytime! However, professionally, it’s always good to sit down at the end of a year and take stock of what you’ve accomplished, especially as it relates to your job and your firm’s marketing or business plans. I think this is also true for professional organizations. Evaluating what was accomplished in each calendar year provides insight into how to best continue providing for members in a meaningful way. So, in the spirit of practicing what you preach, I’d like to do the same for SMPS New York.

1. What Have We Accomplished? SMPS New York continues to be a critical resource for marketers in the AEC industry. We planned and held over 50 events in 2018, each with the aim of enhancing our members’ careers. Our half-day symposium, The Marketing Event, was attended by over 100 marketers across the entire Northeast. Our membership remained one of the largest in the country throughout the whole year.

2. What do we need to accomplish in the coming year? It’s no secret that while we offer our members a vast array of valuable programming and resources, something is missing, particularly when it comes to attending events. Perhaps it’s simply oversaturation of industry events, perhaps its workload, but whatever it is, we want to find out. Our goal for 2019 is to start having candid conversations with our members about what is and isn’t working. We are nothing without our membership, and we want to provide what you are looking for.

3. How do we accomplish this? We will start by listening. We will be holding specific focus groups with various sectors of our membership to discuss these topics and more. We will be pushing out our member survey early with a whole new range of questions in an effort to truly understand what our members are looking for. And we’ve already begun to re-evaluate our five-year strategic plan to focus on outcomes from focus groups/member surveys and SMPS National’s new strategic mission.

We’ve already got a lot planned for 2019 that I think we can all be excited about. But what I’m really looking forward to is bringing our organization back to its grassroots origins and focusing on what our members want and ask for. I’m ready to push the envelope, get into the nitty gritty, and have some fun as well.