Featured Author

Robin Carathanasis

Marketing Manager

Lilker Associates

  • President 2016-17, SMPS New York
What does professional achievement mean for you? For some, achieving means having others view them as successful; for others achieving means to do something they have longed to do regardless what others may think. A dictionary definition of achievement is “to accomplish something, especially by great effort or great courage”. How do we measure the value of the recognition of our achievements versus the achievement itself? These are thoughts I’ve spent some time considering recently, as they coincide with the planning of the Marketing and Communication Awards (MCA) awarded at the Liberty Ball this month. It has been a challenging yet exciting endeavor to witness the submission process of those who stand out in our community. And it is thrilling to recognize that SMPS New York has gotten to the point of such distinction in our profession.

The Prize Winner

I question, when in the running, is it enough to gain self-satisfaction and self-respect from knowing goals were achieved which results in our standing out amongst our peers? Is the award the reward or is it the process that is rewarding? For some the journey is an arduous, unsatisfying trek. There is no gratification until the ultimate goal is reached. For others the journey is the reward. So much so, that often reaching the goal is anti-climactic. “It’s the Climb.” This would mean that if we have helped others develop as marketing professionals, that if we have improved the SMPS program and if we’ve fostered teamwork and good member relations, and met team goals, surely it would be enough to feel the inner gratification and fulfillment that those accomplishments bring. And yet…… we live in the kind of society where, in almost all cases, we look for our hard work to be rewarded. Competition is a fact of life yet, shouldn’t self-esteem alone be the recognition of our work achievement.

The Joyful Team

So, I’m close to reaching the following conclusion: We know that having others applaud your achievements will help you realize your potential and encourage you to continue your mission. However, a quieter, less obvious self-assurance allows for our authentic self to share our competencies with complete confidence. In either case you will brand yourself within your organization and among your peers. I’ll take some of both please!!