Featured Author

Robin Carathanasis

Marketing Manager

Lilker Associates

  • President 2016-17, SMPS New York
Hesitate, pause, ponder……………..repeat. What would taking on the role of president of the NY Chapter of SMPS mean, what could I expect, what would the commitment be, what exactly would be expected of me? How would I fulfill the duties of this role and the commitment of my role as president and the demands of marketer at a mid-size engineering firm? Questions that each of us ask ourselves when we are presented with a challenge. Whether that opportunity is a new initiative at your firm, a change in position or title or moving to a new region. My first instinct was to run and avoid the task put forth but my gut instinct was, “Why wouldn’t I do this?” I have been in the A/E/C industry for my entire career. I have been trained and worked as a designer at prestigious architectural firms, worked as a project manager for a construction company and began marketing professional services just prior to the recession. I have spent my entire career designing and building projects and proposals……………..a career of building stories. The best part of the story is always about the people and now the story is about those that make up SMPS; they are my motivation for taking on this dynamic role. Building New Stories is about ………………….PEOPLE. Board members, volunteers, members of the SMPS community, our colleagues, our firms and the A/E/C industry. They all have a story and we as marketers amplify their voices. Their stories are of building; whether it be a career, an energy efficient building, a roadway, design competition, social media plan, a bridge, a master plan or a light fixture. Our industry is about creativity and how privileged are we to be the storytellers of that creativity? Each person that touches the story adds to the richness of the building—even in the smallest of ways (the tiniest bolt holds the biggest beams together). Moving through the days and months of the year ahead, I urge you to look for your moments that create “your story”. I encourage each of you to be the person that amplifies and builds that new story. More to come…