What a wild ride! I never thought I would be spending half of my Presidency in sweatpants and networking two-dimensionally over Zoom, yet despite its challenges, this year has been a pleasure. To serve the Chapter, work with an amazing Board of Directors, meeting with amazing members and breaking out of my comfort zone to lead during a time of crisis has been a highlight of my career. Sure, there were a few headaches along the way, supporting an organization I believe in and the people it helps has been truly rewarding…thank you all for surviving the rollercoaster known as 2020, especially here in NYC!

I hope you attended our SMPS-NY’s Annual Meeting and Liberty Ball held earlier this month. This first-of-its-kind celebration for our Chapter gave us the opportunity to get really creative! Despite my own router dying 15 minutes before showtime (eeek!), the feedback we heard was that everyone had an enjoyable evening full of fun, interactive activities. We had a virtual bartender helping you mix three specialty cocktails at home, four new videos, three breakout sessions for networking and 16 amazing honorees who were recognized, all in 90 minutes! I’d like to especially thank Nicole Veenstra, Director of Special Events and her entire committee for making the event memorable (without a stage or open bar!).

Just in case you missed the Annual Meeting portion of the evening, or need a recap because you were on your 2nd Bubbly Marketer cocktail, here it is:

Every year, SMPS New York Presidents choose a theme.  My theme for the year was to focus on “Sharing Sparkle” through believing in the magic of unicorns and rainbows (yep, you heard that right!). I want this theme to serve as a reminder to all of us, if you believe in impossible things, you can do impossible things! And that we did…here’s the proof, we:

  1. Hosted 38 Amazing Programs & Networking Events ALL YEAR LONG
  2. Held our 2nd Annual Town Hall in April, themed Connection During Crisis
  3. Focused on Membership Attraction and Retention – Get Involved Here!
  4. Added new roles & industry relationships to strengthen our community, with a first-ever Diversity Program on 9/23 launching these initiatives.
  5. Continued strong Communications and Public Relations efforts (Connect with us)
  6. Focused on elevating our technology capabilities by forming a new Technology Task Force (if you want to learn more, let me know!)
  7. Covered new territory (WHV & NJ Affiliates – now with less travel!)
  8. Strengthened the Power of Mentorship by building new industry relationships
  9. Enjoyed a profitable year! Interested in Sponsoring?
  10. Awarded Exceptional Marketers and Marketing Efforts – read the recap here.

Of special note, we raised $2,500 dollars at the Liberty Ball that our Chapter chose to donate between NYC COVID-19 Relief  and our annual Mary Findlen Scholarship Grant, a scholarship that invests in new talent by sending the recipient to Build Business. To learn more on how to apply for 2021, please click here.

I look forward to all the amazing things SMPS New York will offer our members in this next term and beyond as we continue to evolve and brave an unpredictable future.  Thank you for everything, this experience is one for the books. Sparkle on all you unicorns out there and never give up…remember the rain only brings rainbows once the sun returns.