I wanted to thank everyone who came out last week to our first ever Town Hall meeting. Wow! I am blown away by the energy, engagement, and participation of our attendees. It’s clear from the conversations and discussions had that our members are excited about the future of our organization. There was a lot of positive energy in the air, and we really reinforced our collective goal of making our chapter the best we can through involved membership, relevant programming, mentorship, and continued camaraderie, among many others.

Member engagement is very important to us and there’s still a lot to learn. The Town Hall meeting was just the beginning of our ongoing discussions with our membership. I encourage everyone to keep the dialogue going by attending events, asking questions of our board members, and being present in your membership. Honest and transparent conversations are the most important way to advocate for change in a meaningful way. So please continue to speak up!

Thank you again for all that participated. Rest assured we are already hard at work planning our next year with the feedback you gave us. It’s truly appreciated!