Some of the most inspiring and informative conversations I get to be a part of happen during casual conversations with my fellow SMPS members at committee meetings and events. But if you weren’t one of the eight people sitting around the table when that conversation happened, you missed out. And it’s not like this is a unique situation. How many of us just CAN’T make it to the next event because it just doesn’t fit in our schedules?

It was with this thought that I approached the then-director of the NJ Affiliate, Kristy Cerullo, after a committee meeting one day, and shared with her an idea that could bring these conversations to industry professionals whenever and wherever they wanted.

The result—a chapter-wide podcast focused on everyday conversations among marketing and business developers in our industry—was more than I could’ve ever hoped for. With the dedication and hard work from a team including Kristy Cerullo, Cristana Formica, Kim Graham, Jen Mannino, Melissa Whitman, Monica Griffith and Alycia Terry, our chapter now has a platform to provide on-demand industry discussions to SMPS members everywhere.

Check out our Origins Episode here, where we give the full background behind just how our SMPS NY podcast, The Marketing Department, came to be!


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