David Golab

Vice President, Business Development



  • SMPS-NY Programs Committee Member

Get to know our September 2020 Member of the Month, David Golab!

What first crossed your mind when you found out you were Member of the Month?

I was a bit taken aback. I know there are many hard working volunteers in the chapter, so it was a completely unexpected honor.

Are you part of a committee? If so, what do you like most about being a committee volunteer?

I’m currently a member of the Programs Committee.  In addition to enjoying the work, it serves my BD role by allowing me to contact clients and potential clients to invite them to our programs. I was never happier than my role in putting together a zoning panel a few years ago. We had a city planner, developer, real estate attorney and a Landmarks Preservation Commission Attorney. Serendipitously, all the panelists knew each other well so the conversation was entertaining as well as enlightening. Earlier in my career I was on the Sponsorship, Communications, Membership, Leadership and Special Events Committees. The work on those committees provided an invaluable education. I enjoyed the work, comradery and results of working on all the committees.

What are some of your non-marketing interests/hobbies?

Most every weekend I can be found in a park sketching the landscape either in pencil or water color and more recently oils. Likewise I do all the cooking on the weekends. It saves time and money by having a healthy lunch and dinner ready to go. I love to experiment with spices and ethnic cuisines. For the past 20 years I’ve been going to the gym and that is a great stress reliever that is not available now, but I’m looking forward to returning.

What do you think should be next for SMPS-NY?

I think many for profit organizations have copied our program of panels and professional development events and we have to think outside the box.  The mentorship program is a good example of how we can promote and improve the profession and make the chapter relevant. We have had this conversation at the programs committee and there is a lot of thought going into this very topic.

If you weren’t an all-star marketer, what other job would you enjoy?

I have far too many interests to nail one thing down. The role I would enjoy and think is very important is financial advisor.  I’ve tried to mentor many people in this area and am frustrated when people make decision for short term gratification rather than long term gain.  My favorite success story comes from a former co-worker who went from being completely underwater to having a 401K worth over $1M in a matter of a few years.  So now I am taking his advice on investment matters!  I am so proud of having a small role helping him and very happy for his success.

What’s your best marketing-related success/memory?

The best example is implementing the strategy of chasing clients, not projects.  It took over 10 years but I started relationships at an agency and worked hard to first, get short-listed, then selected as a subconsultant on a “shovel ready” project to eventually winning a multi-million dollar project as prime.  We all know that wouldn’t have happened without the hard work of talented architects and engineers. But it was the role of business development that started and nurtured the relationships, identify the opportunities, and persistently pursue them. 

Is there anything else you think people should know about you?

When I first joined SMPS, 30+ years ago, I heard or read from SMPS members that their best friendships came from this organization. At the time, I just couldn’t imagine it – now I know that it’s true! You know who you are 😊 xoxo. The second, is that I apply the same persistence to my life as I do to my professional work. From improvements in my physical health, art and cooking, to tracking down my birth mother earlier this year. Persistence and practice may not make you perfect but they do instill a sense of accomplishment and well-being.