Get to know our October 2020 Member of the Month, Cristiana Formica! Cristiana recently forged out on her own and is now a Real Estate Agent for ERA/Boniakowski, utilizing the marketing, business development, and networking skills she learned through SMPS to bring in new clients!  Cristiana is staying active in SMPS through her dedicated role in the Membership Committee and by participating in many SMPS activities. Congratulations and Best of Luck! 

Wanna know more? Here are some additional questions we asked Cristiana:

Q: How has Marketing changed for you since the pandemic?

A: I’ve actually transitioned into real estate, so I’m marketing solely for myself right now, with ambitions to get into property development in the near future. So right now I’m “AEC-adjacent”. I still stay close to SMPS because I love what everyone brings to the table both professionally and personally, I can definitely say I’ve made friends here, and I’ll have these connections for when I solicit a team of designers for my own projects. Not only that, but the tools we teach are translatable to other aspects of our lives. Marketing is not just a skillset of proposals and Adobe programs, it’s also managing multiple personalities and sometimes being able to host a table of designers from Principal level to support staff and keeping the conversation progressive. If you can do that, you can be successful no matter what you take on.

Q: What do you think should be next for SMPS-NY?

A: This is a really tough question. I think even before Covid hit, there was too large of a disconnect between marketers, their principals, and the clients. And now the pandemic has opened the gap considerably. I think that, of the clients that need jobs done and the architects and engineers that want to do these jobs, the process of coming together is overly complicated and it shouldn’t be. We’re all meeting virtually now so how can we come up with a way that we can have a meeting of the minds virtually as well? We host client panels to find out what they want, but I think there are a lot of clients out there that don’t know what they want or don’t understand the services being offered to them and have no idea how to make an educated decision in choosing their design and construction team. Maybe SMPS-NY can we host a knowledge-sharing session for them? Is that too avant garde? I don’t think we should be afraid of doing that. The world is constantly evolving and it’s antiquated to say no, when, as marketers, we’re most successful when we do the things other people are unwilling to do.

Q: What’s your best marketing-related success/memory?

A: Do you mean other than joining SMPS? Lol … well, before Covid, I worked tirelessly on a proposal with a large internal team of the top talent at our company because they really wanted this job so it was all hands on deck, and we were all just so in-sync with each other, we produced the most impactful proposal and interview presentation to-date, and everything we were able to create in that process led to some really great a-ha moments that became the next platform for every effort that was to follow. We knew that everything we did showed us, again, that everything we sold ourselves as to our clients wasn’t just BS or like any other design team, and I loved that I was able to look back and pretty much always be proud of our what we put out there and that everything was always better than what preceded it. Ultimately, we had never worked for the client before so we were not awarded the job but the whole firm still looked at it as a win because of the impact it had on us, and that’s a lot of why I loved working with them, too.

Q: Is there anything else you think people should know about you?

A: Let’s see … I’m a Dominant Influencer according to the DISC profile test, an ESTJ on the Briggs Myers test, aka “The Executive” … and I’m a Virgo, double Scorpio. That may explain alot about my personality! 🙂 I love to go camping and see new places, I’m vegan so I love to try out vegan restaurants, I have a black cat named Sadie who is my whole world (even though she can be a totally spoiled brat!), and I’m a dancer – I still take jazz, hip hop, and ballet classes! Shout out to Rahway Dance Theatre. Join me sometime!