Ali Panditrao

Marketing Coordinator

Ware Malcomb

As the communications lead in the New Jersey Affiliate Committee, October’s Member of the Month may need no introduction. Ali Panditrao serves as a marketing coordinator at Ware Malcomb. Her enthusiasm and excitement for marketing in the AEC industry is apparent and infectious to her colleagues and SMPS-NY members who know her. Ali has the remarkable ability to connect and network with people from all over the inustry and beyond. We recently chatted with Ali about her experience, see our interview below and get to know this month’s Member of the Month! 

Where are you from & what brought you to NYC?

I’m originally from Texas and lived there my whole life. I never—ever in my LIFE—imagined I’d move to the Northeast. So of course, last year I ended up moving here. Things are definitely different up here. I’ve officially survived one winter and love that there’s actually four seasons! I’ve also always heard how mean people are up here, but I’ve found people to be fairly down-to-earth (except when driving—you guys take the CAKE for crazy driving).

What led you to being involved on the NJ Affiliate Committee?

I was involved in SMPS when I lived in Dallas and wanted to stay involved when I moved up here. The NJ Affiliate committee seemed a good fit since I actually live in New Jersey. They’re a really great group and I’ve been able to get to know a bunch of people through it.

What do you hope to gain from your SMPS-NY membership/experience?

Keeping on top of industry trends and connecting with people I can share experiences with.

How has being a member of SMPS-NY influenced your career so far?

Having come from a background in business-to-consumer product marketing, SMPS was integral when I first joined the industry. I attended a lot of really great workshops that helped me figure out how this industry worked, and especially how to build business through marketing efforts. SMPS was also a huge help because it gave me a great support group I can rely on.

We know every day is different, but what do you do in your role at Ware Malcomb?

I get to work with really awesome marketing and technical team members on everything from proposals to social media posts. Every day truly is very different, which is one of my favorite things about my work.

What’s an ideal Saturday for you?

Waking up early, drinking coffee, eating breakfast (my favorite meal), and then hanging out all day. Apply shopping therapy, as needed.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I fiddle around in the Adobe Creative Suite, draw, cook, and when I can get around to it, go horseback riding! But If I was completely unencumbered by other responsibilities, I would probably just travel to China, India, Sweden, and a thousand other places for the rest of my life.

Where can we see you in 5 years?

Hopefully still in the northeast! If you’ve ever made a big move, you know how exhausting it is. Maybe in 5 years I will have finally figured out how to get around up here, too.