Rhonda Cardone

Marketing Pursuit Manager

  • Dewberry
  • Member, PD Committee-Leadership Sub-Committee
  • Member, Special Events Committee – Awards Sub-Committee
Known for her above and beyond involvement in SMPS-NY, March’s Member of the Month Rhonda Cardone is heavily involved in both the Professional Development and Special Events Committees. As the marketing pursuit manager at Dewberry, her experience and vast marketing knowledge is a welcomed asset to our New York Chapter. She has been a quintessential part of forming two important sub-committees which both put an emphasis on the participation and self-development of our members. Read below as Rhonda has shared some of her thoughts and ideas with us. 1. Where are you from originally and what brought you to New York City? I spent my early years in Riverside, New Jersey. After graduating from Seton Hall University I moved to North Jersey. I was offered several consulting positions at firms in NYC and found that both my husband and I were in the city frequently. I love the city since this is the hub for national and international firms. 2. How did you first get into the A/E/C Industry? Early in my career I owned a firm that designed advertising programs for small businesses, from magazine and newspaper advertising to radio commercials. When I got married, I moved to North Jersey and decided to sell the business and work for someone else. I was offered a position with a tunnel engineering firm that did most of its work internationally in Taiwan, China and Egypt. Thinking that an engineering firm was like most businesses, I took the offer. To both our surprises, we both got something different. I found that marketing in engineering was intensive, technical and most of my promotional and business development skills were used but there was in-depth planning, writing and deadlines. We were so successful that within three years the firm doubled in size and moved its location. They changed the way they pursued work and I found that I was in the A/E/C industry to stay.

[expand title=”Read the rest of the article here…”] 3. What do you enjoy most about the industry? What I like most about the industry is that it’s really about the creation and maintenance of cities and towns throughout the world. From buildings, streets, and parks, to drinking water, drainage and wastewater treatment plants. It’s about the quality of life we depend on. I have a small part in an industry that builds the world we live in and provides services that improve our quality of life. As marketers, our job is to promote the latest methods and technologies in our industry because we need our firms to have the skills to compete and so we push for implementation such as BIM, energy performance contracts, sustainability and design-build projects. 4. What are some of your favorite books, movies and/or televisions shows? I try to only watch a movie or read a book once but if I were to select favorites, I would pick: Movies: Citizen Kane, 007 movies, Troy, Knight and Day, The Sound of Music. Books: Gardening, Herbs, Mythology, and romance novels. The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. Also, Vanity Fair magazine. TV Shows: Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey 5.Can you tell us more about your work with the two SMPS-NY sub-committees you have taken a lead on recently? Leadership Subcommittee – The Leadership Sub-committee is meant to increase awareness for marketing people at different levels on what leadership is and how to implement it. Since leadership is inherent in everyone, it can start even at the junior level. For senior marketers it is meant to give them a forum for information when pursuing top positions within firms and have the skills to make it work. We recently introduced the Leadership track at TME this past November. Going forward, we are planning a series of workshops and group sessions as well as the TME Leadership track in November of 2013. We are implementing a new format for The Awards Program and Gala this year. It is designed specifically for the type of work the SMPS-NY person works on – from publications, books and event planning to company branding and holiday pieces. It will also include individual awards. You don’t want to miss the Gala it will be at an exciting place with lots of activities planned throughout the night. I am involved in all aspects of the planning and selection for the Awards program. Everyone on the Awards Gala subcommittee has worked very hard and is assisted by members of the Special Events Committee, which is a committee that exemplifies teamwork. 6. What advice would you give to some of our newer members? Show up. Look for balance. Take the time in an already overwhelming schedule to do something that is personal and right for you and your career. And of course, join an SMPS-NY committee. 7. Lastly, what is your motto? Live and let live Interview by: Elise Martos, Marketing Coordinator for Dominick R. Pilla Associates PC. [/expand]