Jennifer Gangeri

Director of Marketing

LAN Associates

Meet Jennifer Gangeri – our February2019 Member of the Month! Since joining SMPS-NY, Jennifer has benefitted from our mentorship program, events and participation on the New Jersey Affiliate Committee. Get to know more about Jennifer in our exclusive interview!

Where are you from & what brought you to NYC?

I grew up in Northern New Jersey and never left! I love it there and being a close trip away to the beach or to New York is great. I’m lucky enough to live close to my Bergen County office – can’t complain about a 12-minute commute! 

What led you to being involved on the New Jersey Affiliate Committee?

When I became a member of SMPS-NY in 2017, i was invited to join our NJ Affiliate Committee. I’m so happy I chose to get involved – it’s a great group of people to learn from, and a great way to get involved with SMPS-NY in planning events, not to mention my continually expanding network.

What do you hope to gain from your SMPS-NY membership/experience?

SMPS-NY continues to amaze me every day. The organization is filled with intelligent, helpful, and inspiring marketers and business developers who are passionate about boasting the AEC industry. I’ve attended a variety of professional development, coordinator’s club, spirits, and conference events and each time I leave with a key takeaway or two and a new addition to my network. I’m also a member of the Mentorship Program, where I find myself learning a tremendous amount from my amazing mentor!

How has being a member of SMPS-NY influenced your career so far?

SMPS-NY has helped me become a more educated, well-rounded marketer. My first four years at LAN Associates, I was the (whole) marketing department – I was forced to hit the ground running! I’ve been fortunate enough to start to grow my department and expand the roles and responisbilities for marketing and business development. I’ve utilized SMPS-NY for industry insights, professional development, and often speak with other members about daily marketing efforts.      

We know every day is different, but what do you do in your role at LAN Associates?

As Director of Marketing, I manage all marketing an business development inititatives for LAN Associates, a multi-discipline architecture and engineering firm with more than 50 years of experience. I oversee all communications for web, press, social media, and email marketing, as well as managing the transition and data clean up for the company’s first CRM software. I help lead key proposal pursuits and design all creative graphics. More recently, I’ve become more involved in strategic business operations, planning, and bringing new initiatives to the workplace. I also oversee and actively participate in LAN’s business development efforts. 

What’s an ideal Saturday for you?

Weekends are my time to unwind. An ideal Saturday is a quick weekend getaway to my family’s lake house, cooking tasty food, kayaking, and hiking. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I try to get to the gym as much as I can and love to kick back and catch up on my TV shows. 

Where can we see you in 5 years?

Five years seems like a long way away. I really enjoy working in the AEC industry and would like to see my current role continue to evolve and open new opportunities for the firm.