Quinne Chessman

Director of Business Development

  • Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture
  • Member, Special Events Committee
As a dedicated member of the special events committee and a valued asset to our SMPS-NY chapter, Quinne Chessman was certainly an easy selection for August’s Member of the Month. Last month’s Awards Gala went off without a hitch and much of that is due to Quinne’s efforts along with the rest of the special events committee. As the Director of Business Development for Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture, Quinne has proved to be a leader in the A/E/C industry. Continue reading and see what has contributed to this success as we learn more about Quinne. Where are you from originally and what brought you to New York City? I am originally from Oak Park – a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. I spent my college years in Chicago. After college I decided, perhaps somewhat preemptively, that I had seen everything that I needed to see in the city and was ready for a new adventure. So it made sense to make the leap from Chicago to New York. New York has an allure that no other city has – the history, the hurry of millions of people, the endless pockets of activity, the vast industry, and the infinitesimal apartments (just kidding). After just one visit to Manhattan, I couldn’t resist making the leap. It’s kind of ironic that I now prefer Brooklyn to Manhattan any day of the week.

[expand title=”Read the rest of the article here…”] What motivates you the most as the Director of Business Development for Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture? The people. The people with whom I work are excellent architects, designers, coworkers, and people. They are so passionate about the practice, the work they do, and the resulting architecture that you can’t help but be inspired by them. On the development front, it makes it easier to connect with potential clients when you know your firm’s aim is to do what’s best for the client, their community, and the environment, and that they truly believe in their mission. What are some of your favorite movies and television shows? My number one favorite movie of all time is Amadeus. The music, the costumes, the set, Tom Hulce’s insane laugh; it is genius. I watch it every year around New Years with my father and it never gets old. I also enjoy foreign films and anything by Woody Allen. Television shows rarely stick with me after I watch them, but I really loved Gilmore Girls, Lost, and The Sopranos. In what part of New York City do you enjoy spending the most time in and why? My neighborhood. I live in Greenpoint – a neighborhood in northern Brooklyn. Though not the most aesthetically beautiful area, it definitely has a lot of character. The bars and restaurants have blossomed over the years, making it unnecessary to ever leave. My favorite aspect of Greenpoint is the old theaters. It’s kind of unfortunate that these theaters are defunct, but there is something amazing (and somewhat sad) about walking into a Rite Aid where the aisles are nestled within the orchestra and parterre of an old movie house. You can still see the details of the exposed ceiling and the disco ball from its short life as a dance club. Other theaters have been turned into a Starbucks and a banquet hall. Most of the buildings in Greenpoint have a story and the history of this neighborhood is completely arresting. What do you find to be most rewarding about being a member of the Special Events Committee? Being part of something that is elevating the SMPS-NY Chapter. The past chapter presidents have been on a quest to make our chapter the best that it can be and I think that they have done a wonderful job and are continuing to do so. We’re here to support that ambition and we do so by trying to think outside of the box. We ask ourselves why would someone want to come to this event and build from there. We’re not just going through the motions. What SMPS events coming up are you looking forward to planning as well as attending? I am looking forward to planning the 2014 Awards Gala. This past year we decided to go in a different direction for the awards event, which I thought yielded a very successful gala. So next year it’ll be interesting to see how we take the new model and build on it to make it fresh. Since this year was the first time that we used such a model, we have plenty to improve upon, and I look forward to seeing what we come up with for 2014. [/expand]