Katherine DeMercurio promoted to Director of Marketing

Our Chapter President, Katherine DeMercurio, was promoted to Director of Marketing at EverGreene Architectural Arts. She has been with the company for two and a half years, and within that time has built a new marketing department, designed and launched a new website, led external communications through an acquisition, launched multiple social media campaigns, planned and executed numerous company-led events including EverGreene’s 40th Anniversary celebrations and studio tours in Industry City, and currently serves as part of the company’s management team.

Jessica Capone promoted to Marketing Manager

Jessica Capone was promoted to Marketing Manager at Gensler, where she leads the development and positioning of pursuits for architectural, interior design and consulting services and aids in the coordination of business development in Morristown, NJ.

Monica Griffith promoted to Marketing Director

Monica Griffith was promoted to Marketing Director at Gensler, where she provides strategic planning and direction on the development of pursuits, public relations and social media.  Monica teaches emerging professionals on the importance of business development and client relationships in the Morristown, NJ office.

New members!

Gabriela Valero Arias, Communications Director, Kliment Halsband Architects

Odaly Waisman, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Structure Tone

Alex Borowick, Marketing Coordinator, LAN Associates

Emily Charles, Senior Account Executive, Maven Communications

Tara Lowry, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Encorus Group