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Kirsten Haas

Marketing Director

Acoustic Distinctions

  • Member, SMPS-NY
Words carry power. Two simple words – “hey, baby” can shift mindsets and combat challenges of commodity procurement trends in the built environment.

We’re racing to become more efficient, visible and responsive. Personal contact, relationship-building and outreach is more important than ever. With the onslaught of deadlines, schedule juggling, and increased use of technology to automate connections (CRM’s, on-line procurement systems etc.), are genuine and authentic connections possible?

Inhale deeply and reflect to a time before smart phones and the tweeting craze. I was part of marketing discussions where we referred to contact follow-up and check-ins as “Hey Babies”: Have you given so-and-so a Hey Baby lately? It wasn’t a catcall. It conveyed that this person – not just a name, contact, strategic target – was an actual living, breathing human being and a precious part of who we were and our respective purpose as a business entity. Hey Babies reinforced that we cared about what was happening in their worlds and that we were there for them.

Internally, these words helped lighten the meeting’s tone and created positive energy. After all, one is less inclined to be adversarial and aggressive upon mention of babies. Furthermore, performing Hey Babies is much less daunting than meeting call quotas. The intent behind both is to prevent neglect. However, coming from a place of amity and caring unifies people and makes for stronger and longer lasting impressions.

Externally, we acknowledge that each “crib” is unique. Hey Babies do not exclude us from abiding to crib rules. They supplement how we demonstrate and reinforce respect, attentiveness and authenticity. When all other factors are equal, this offers a powerful differentiator. Essentially, what we do may not change, but the way we look at things and approach them can make all the difference in the world.