[insert-author-info] Writing a cover story article for a major industry magazine! As a very enthusiastic journalist and AEC industry marketer, of course this was a very exciting opportunity that I was thrilled to accept. Once the article process got underway, it turned into an educational and entertaining journey of learning all about my firm and our projects. Also, it proved to be an excellent example of how a huge, seemingly overwhelming project becomes much more manageable with a “divide and conquer” strategy of completing smaller tasks one at a time.

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First, there was initial concept development internally and with the magazine staff: We chose an overall firm profile focus, combining a concise overview of the firm, its history and key philosophies, followed by project examples highlighting our experience and expertise in a number of market sectors. Next, there was gathering the information I needed to write a compelling and complete piece representative of our diverse combination of experience. There were many hours of research, especially primary research from interviews with our firm’s staff, as well as conversations with clients. An essential related component was the diligent follow-up needed to confirm accuracy and publication permission for the large amount of project-related text, quotes and images. Then came the writing itself, along with prioritizing, distilling, editing, reviewing, and then editing and reviewing some more. Ultimately, I had a document with supporting images that could fit into the 7 pages we had available, plus a compelling cover layout. Following a comprehensive layout process coordinating with the magazine staff, we were good to go towards publication! The journey was filled with opportunities for creativity, patience and persistence – all of which I improved within myself throughout the process. Yet the most rewarding part was getting to know my firm’s projects, as well as clients and staff – and experiencing how they all come together as a powerful team with a compelling story. The end result is at www.theclarientgroup.com/press – and we’re proud of an excellent marketing piece highlighting our firm’s experience and expertise, and a lot of learning throughout the journey to get there! [/expand]