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Kirsten Haas Marketing Director Acoustic Distinctions

Kirsten Haas
Hello, 2016. What wonderful surprises do you have in store for us? What resource can we tap to better find harmony between meeting urgent deadlines, upholding team accountability and gathering intelligence?  Can we better instill meaning in casual anecdotes, tie them up in pretty concise packages and cast them into the world to germinate stems of opportunity? Possibility being our our mantra, can we rise above those moments of impossibility without exclaiming “You want it when!!?” Regardless, we deliver. Resolve – our own inner strength – gets us through. In facing the challenges ahead, consider championing The Marketer’s Resolve as your 2016 resolution:

[expand title=”Click here to read more…”] Ask questions — the right questions. What will make this possible? Why is this important? Does it serve the client’s best interest? Is this a real concern or something based on a perceived conception? Are the messages we send addressing reality and overcoming misinformed perceptions? Be your best – despite the “life is not fair” reality. When hard work, creativity and “go team” don’t lead to the coveted contract, VP status or the 6-figure salary, let disappointment fuel vigor to ignite possibility. Laugh more – diffuse the moans and groans with hearty chuckles.  They expel stale air in your lungs, draw in fresh perspective and reenergize your soul and everybody around you. Fake laughs are just as effective as humor induced-guffaws. Fools can rule. Never give up – we may succumb to bouts of apathy. Pausing to ponder circumstances allows opportunity to set a course correction to an easier path. Stay hungry. Celebrate more – the journey to excellence is not easy. Recognize your role as “trail boss” in fostering awareness of what works and what doesn’t.  Find quarterly/monthly reasons to commend your team for overcoming challenges and/or making progress. It will keep them centered and motivated.[/expand]