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Accelerate your career with the skills to become a top performer and influencer. Join us and explore the possibilities!

The Leadership Committee provides a platform for top performers and experts to share their knowledge on the topic of leadership and address key issues senior level professionals and decision makers face in the AEC industry. This initiative offers insights to “lead the way,” enhance individual skills, develop leaders within an organization, and nourish existing influencers. Programming focuses on thought-provoking concepts and creating possibilities. The committee explores thought leadership, innovative approaches to the way we conduct business, and methods to strengthen our individual skills as influencers. The committee plans and coordinates lunchtime panel discussions and a half-day workshop to expand upon these ideas.

The goal of the programs is to recognize, support and encourage the development of leadership as it manifests at every level of one’s career.

For further information contact: Rhonda Cardone at rcardone@dewberry.com.

Mentorship Program

Whether you want to learn or teach, there is something to be achieved by all who participate.

Professional Development

Where the ease of learning industry trends results in great networking!

Coordinators Club

Where junior marketers can begin their career development journey.