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Attaining your CPSM is a great conversation starter, leading to an understanding of expertise and respect.

What Is CPSM?

CPSM, Certified Professional Services Marketer, is a voluntary certification designed to elevate the professional standards in marketing and influence the future of this vital field. It serves as a mark of distinction for professional service marketers and business developers, raising their standing with employers, peers, and the public.

What Are the Six Domains of Practice?

The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) is the only marketing association offering AEC professionals the network, knowledge, and training to build business.Working with the Professional Testing Corporation, SMPS analyzed the practice of professional services marketing to articulate and confirm the body of knowledge and skills most critical to competency. The resulting knowledge areas and skill sets are classified under the Six Domains of Practice for Professional Services Marketing.

  • DOMAIN 1: Marketing Research
  • DOMAIN 2: Marketing Planning
  • DOMAIN 3: Client and Business Development
  • DOMAIN 4: Proposals
  • DOMAIN 5: Promotional Activity
  • DOMAIN 6: Management

Value of Being a CPSM

Working in an environment where education and credentials are so valued, it is important to gain the respect of the clients we serve every day. Attaining your CPSM will give you the opportunity to challenge your knowledge of service marketing and improve in areas you are not familiar with.

CPSM Boot Camp

(Free for Members!)

SMPS New York is excited to offer a “boot camp” series for the benefit of chapter members and non-members who are interested in learning about SMPS’s Six Domains of Practice – Marketing Research, Marketing Planning, Client and Business Development, Proposals, Promotional Activity, and Management – and taking the CPSM exam. Our boot camp will include three two-hour sessions, each session covering two domains. The group will determine additional study sessions and exam date. This series is designed to accomplish three primary goals:


Facilitate a program, study group, and testing preparation for those seeking certification.

Create an Opportunity

Create an opportunity for marketing professionals to learn from senior members and past presidents of the New York chapter.

Strengthen Competency

Strengthen the competency of members and non-members in each of the Six Domains of Practice.

Certified Professional Services Marketer Program

Sharpen and enhance your skills through CPSM!


Curious about CPSM or looking for more information? Be sure to contact:

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