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The best way to get more out of SMPS is to join a committee. The New York Chapter is organized into the following committees:
Communications & PR

The Communications & PR Committee is charged with spreading the word about all the chapter’s events and initiatives, letting members push the boundaries of their marketing and business development skills. This committee also acts as the chapter’s spokesperson, managing the flow of information to the public and gaining exposure for SMPS-NY. The committee develops materials that inform those within and outside the AEC industry regarding the value of SMPS-NY. Responsibilities include: writing pre-and post-event press releases, managing the organization’s social media accounts, creating graphics for social media, writing articles for the SMPS-NY Spotlight blog, Spotlight blog CMS (content management system) management, maintaining press relationships, maintaining the Chapter website, promoting sponsors, and designing ads, postcards, emails and handouts. With so much competition for people’s time and attention, their challenge is to make the Chapter’s materials engaging.

Why Join This Committee.

Communications & PR Committee members have the opportunity to hone their digital marketing skills, express their creativity, and better understand the organization by working with all other committees throughout the year to help promote all of the Chapter’s initiatives.

Director Of Communications & PR

Manjola Gjini

AKRF, Inc., Proposal Manager





Leadership Committee members plan and coordinate a variety of events that explore the topic of leadership. They have the opportunity to work with high-level speakers from CEOs and university professors to industry clients.

Why Join This Committee.

As a member of the Leadership Committee, action items include brainstorming topics, selecting speakers, and planning and promoting events. Events are targeted for marketing and business development professionals as well as principals and firm leadership in the industry. Programming includes panel discussions on current industry topics and trends and a skills-based workshop for those in top positions or on the upward track. Volunteers will explore issues that impact them, cultivate leadership topics and solutions, and interact with leaders in the industry.

Chair of Leadership

Allen Lee

WSP, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development for Property and Buildings




The Membership Committee oversees recruitment and retention programs in association with SMPS Headquarters. The Membership Committee is also responsible for welcoming new members, organizing new-member breakfasts and mixers, and reaching out to our membership to ensure our members take advantage of all the benefits of membership. The committee’s work touches all aspects of the Chapter’s activities, bringing membership value to each of the Chapter’s endeavors and enhancing member benefits.

Why Join This Committee.

Volunteering on the Membership Committee provides great opportunities to network with the entire membership on a personal and professional level, to help develop the chapter, and contribute to ongoing chapter success.

Director Of Membership

Elizabeth Bellsey

BAM Architecture Studio, Marketing Coordinator

Professional Development




The Professional Development Committee administers to the interests and needs of our members through education, training, and networking. The committee organizes and delivers a variety of programming, including evening educational programs focused on the Six Domains of Practice, Coordinators Club lunch programs, CPSM Study “Boot Camp,” (to prepare members to take the CPSM exam), Marketer’s Toolbox Creative Workshops (hands-on digital marketing skills training). The committee also provides support for THE Marketing Event.

Why Join This Committee.

Professional Development Committee members have the opportunity to develop content and organize programs, interact with other committees, and support the chapter in educating marketers, business developers and principals.

Director Of Professional Development

Alexa B. Antopol

Fisher Dachs Associates, Chief Intteligence Officer






The Programs Committee brings the latest AEC development forecasts within the region to our members in the form of panels, roundtables, and evening programming. For each event, members of the Programs Committee research topics, select and recruit notable speakers, book interesting venues, and strategize creative networking sessions that facilitate communication between SMPS members and clients who provide new business develop opportunities for their companies.

Why Join This Committee.

This is the perfect committee for you to join if you wish to directly engage with high profile clients in the NYC metropolitan area, learn more about the agencies and firms leading new development in our region, or hone your skills in developing professional programming for the AEC industry.

Director Of Programs

Lexi Fritz

Tetra Tech, Marketing Specialist

Special Events





The Special Events Committee focuses on building camaraderie, encouraging the growth of our membership, and providing additional opportunities for chapter networking – all while having a little fun along the way! We create memorable events to bring members and non-members together, celebrate chapter successes, and thank members for all they do. Several of our themed events, such as our annual Holiday Party and the Liberty Ball, are the go-to events of the year for the Chapter. Others include seasonal spirits events and the member appreciation event. Depending on the event, we meet either monthly or on a bi-monthly basis to further our event planning activities. Committee members take on specific tasks related to the special event being planned.

Why Join This Committee.

Our committee creates networking and social environments that attract hundreds of professionals, just like you, to ditch the office scene and have some fun. We are the social component within the Chapter, and the planning of each of our events requires reaching out to the membership as a whole. If you enjoy planning and hosting events, meeting new chapter members, and task-specific assignments, this is the committee for you.

Director Of Special Events

Nicole Veenstra

LANGAN, Marketing Coordinator







The Sponsorship Committee spearheads the chapter’s sponsorship activities and constantly evaluates how to provide sponsor opportunities to grow their businesses and empower the chapter to flourish. Simply put, without the support of our sponsors, SMPS-NY would not be able to pursue our mission to advocate for, educate, and connect leaders in the building industry. The Sponsorship Committee spearheads the Chapter’s sponsorship activities and constantly evaluates how we can bring value to our sponsors. The committee conducts prospective and existing sponsor outreach as well as data tracking and the development of improved and enhanced sponsorship packages.

The New York Chapter targets growth in three areas: for the individual, for the department, and for the company. When all three of those things happen, it benefits the entire industry. Being a sponsor helps individual firms start that journey. It can help position them as thought leaders, allow them to gain the inside track on clients and opportunities, and – by showing they value marketing and business development – position them as an attractive place to work.

Just like the way our companies try to position themselves with clients, the Sponsorship Committee must position themselves with target companies through a relationship-based approach. Sponsorship shouldn’t be viewed as a charitable donation and we encourage sponsors to see their financial support as a strategic benefit to their firm, not simply a way of honoring a committee director on their staff – which puts a finite end to their support when the director’s term ends.

Why Join This Committee.

Joining the Sponsorship Committee helps individual members begin their own journey of improving the individual, department, and company. Seasoned business developers find committee involvement is helpful because it gives them another reason to reach out to their contacts. They use our sponsor drives to establish new inroads with potential clients or as an opportunity to check in with ones they already do business with. Younger marketing professionals learn to craft a pitch – a version of their elevator speech – that is compelling to the companies they’re targeting. Through the Sponsorship Committee’s account managerial approach, you don’t just sell the business a package and walk away. You develop a relationship with that contact and firm throughout the year, helping them get the most of their benefits and participation and ensuring they see the value of renewing their commitment to the chapter in years ahead.

Sponsorship Committee members enjoy a tremendous sense of satisfaction as they provide sponsors opportunities to grow their businesses and allow the chapter to flourish. Committee members interact with virtually every other committee in the chapter. The most direct involvement is with Programs, Special Events, Professional Development, Leadership, TME, all Affiliate chapters, and the Executive Committee. It is, similarly, important for the Sponsorship team to work closely with Communications and Public Relations, as Sponsorship messaging and promotion are key to success. Finally, there is a tremendous amount of current and historical information available from the Membership Committee and Chapter Champion to guide efforts of the Sponsorship Committee.

Director Of Sponsorship

Rory McMahon

Healthcare Practice Area Marketing Specialist, Perkins Eastman



Pros in AEC know they must stay abreast of the latest marketing advances, both inside and outside the industry. SMPS New York’s premier professional development symposium, THE Marketing Event (TME), addresses that need by showcasing top marketing insights from across the country. Now in its 14th year, this day-long, multi-track conference is one of a kind, drawing hundreds of AEC professionals from the East Coast and beyond to learn the latest trends in business from the smartest innovators.

Why Join This Committee.

Professional Event Planning
We are charged with planning and executing a day-long conference for AEC professionals of all levels, while meeting the challenge of staying on time and on budget. Strategic tasks include creating a theme that resonates in the industry, attracting presenters to elucidate the theme, and creating an environment that will allow the attendees to maximize their educational experience.

Relationship Building
Throughout the process of creating and executing the event, we get to know one another and our firms well, we build relationships with expert presenters, and we work the room and network with 100+ professionals on the day of the event.

Event Marketing
Our volunteers also get the opportunity to hone their digital marketing skills as they work with the Communications and PR Committees to develop the marketing plan and design the promotional campaign and graphic collateral surrounding the event.

Andrew Weinberg, FSMPS, CPSM

LF Driscoll Healthcare, Director of Business Development

Long Island Affiliate


Long Island Affiliate Committee members have the opportunity to build a network of local professionals from the AEC industry, develop upcoming programs, and help plan social events. Given the variety of activities that the Affiliate takes on, as a member of our committee, there are a number of ways you can contribute.

Why Join This Committee.

Your involvement helps you develop professionally and personally – and helps grow Long Island’s participation while promoting SMPS New York chapter initiatives. Your participation will provide you with an inside network of local and regional participants, a chance to meet your peers, strengthen your knowledge of the industry and technology, increase your communication tools, and broaden your professional network. Participating on our committee will not only allow you to grow your capabilities and aid in professional development, but it also benefits your firm through continuing education and business development, and can increase your firm’s exposure in the AEC industry.

Andrew Weinberg, FSMPS, CPSM

LF Driscoll Healthcare, Director of Business Development

New Jersey Affiliate


The New Jersey Affiliate Committee provides technical programming, professional development, and industry networking opportunities for AEC marketing and business development professionals who live, work, or do business in New Jersey. These events give you a chance to meet your peers, network with local and regional participants, and benefit your firm through continuing education and business development.

Why Join This Committee.

As a member of the New Jersey Affiliate committee, you can contribute to our New Jersey membership base by organizing networking events, coordinating technical programs comprised of industry experts, or hosting workshops and webinars focused on the Six Domains of Practice. Strengthen your knowledge of communications tools and technology, broaden your professional network, or hone your event planning skills – by volunteering on the New Jersey Affiliate committee you can grow your capabilities and increase your firm’s exposure in the AEC industry.

Director Of New Jersey Affiliate

Kimberly Graham

RSC Architects, Director of Marketing

Westchester/Hudson Valley Affiliate




The Westchester/Hudson Valley Affiliate Committee ensures that Westchester/Hudson Valley-based members receive content that is current to the climate of our area and the needs of our growing membership. For our members working or living just north of New York City, the Westchester/Hudson Valley Affiliate hosts our annual Mayor’s Forum, client panel programs, professional development seminars, site tours of new projects in the area/region, as well as Spirits happy hours, golf clinics, and other networking events. Filled with firms doing local, regional, and national work, the area is home to many exciting projects in both our cities and the suburban areas bordering them.

Why Join This Committee.

Your involvement extends your reach throughout the region in building a network of local professionals in the industry through event planning and program development. The Affiliate ensures content that is current to the climate of our area and the needs of our growing membership.

Director Of Westchester/Hudson Valley Affiliate

Elissa Delfico

M Delfico Marketing and Events, President

Committee Benefits

With 12 different committees to choose from, depending on what skills you have to contribute or what skills you’d like to learn, there is a place for you to contribute. Spend some time with the SMPS community and you’ll hear over and again that the best way to make meaningful connections and learn new skills is by joining a committee.


From professional development programs and client panels to networking events and committee involvement, SMPS New York offers great opportunities for members to learn important skills, share business opportunities, and participate in our community.

Become a Volunteer

SMPS New York is an all-volunteer organization. With multiple events every month, we have lots of opportunities for you to share your talents and build your skills.

Become a Speaker

As a speaker, you are given a unique opportunity to gain exposure for your institution; share the goals and vision of your organization; and establish credibility for your agency, business, project, or team.