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Peter Shankman Presents: The New Butterfly Effect
Welcome to 2021, the year that adaptation becomes the norm. If 2020 has taught us one thing, it's that if we don't embrace change, we simply won't survive. As we step unsurely into this new world, one thing is clear, however: No matter what gets thrown at us, what new challenges our businesses may face, if we don't understand the customer first, nothing else will matter.
Coordinators Club: Wheel of Discussion
Catch up with the Coordinators Club for a series of speed discussions on various topics. With opportunities, expectations, firm culture and industry technology changing so rapidly it can be a challenge for anyone to keep on top of things. Firm leaders and young coordinators alike face a dynamic changing workplace that brings both threats and benefits. Let's tackle these together!
SMPS-NY MEET & GREET – Learn about the SMPS NERC 2021
Join us for an SMPS Virtual Meet & Greet! This is a special Meet & Greet as it will focus on NERC – the SMPS Northeast Regional Conference! This year’s SMPS Northeast Regional Conference (NERC) is taking place in New York State! The SMPS-NY chapter has been collaborating with other regional chapters to plan this event, and it is sure have fantastic content! The theme this year is C.A.M.P. – Communication and Marketing Planning!
Elevate Your Career
Are you feeling as though you’re at an impasse with your current position within your company? Unsure how to grow and advance your career? Hesitant to broach the subject with your supervisor or don’t even know how to start? We’ve been there – and we’re here to help. Join the SMPS-NY NJ Affiliate for Elevate Your Career, where our expert panelists will share their career trajectories, roads to success, and strategies to get the career you want and deserve within your current firm.

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