Horror at the Hotel: An SMPS NY-NJ Spooky Spirits Event!

Attendees of last week’s SMPS NY-NJ Affiliate Spooky Spirits made their way through the eerie Great Swamp and landed at the Stirling Hotel for a night of networking and scares! Tales of ghostly encounters ensued over some jalapeno poppers and wicked brews! Though many guests had never heard of the small town in Long Hill Township, they enjoyed the fall foliage and local charm of Stirling and its historic inn turned family-style tavern! (Local legend suggests the inn used to be a brothel back in the Civil War era) Stirling Hotel is conveniently located right next to the Stirling Train Station and includes several outdoor patios for entertaining, including a seasonal beer garden! Besides a couple gusts of spooky winds, the weather was in our favor and attendees stayed past closing time! We had hoped to venture to the Devil’s Tree in Martinsville, which is rumored to be a portal to hell and brings harm to anyone who damages it. Check out the Weird NJ website to learn more about the Great Swamp, Devil’s Tree, and many other haunted places in the Garden State.

A special thanks to our event sponsor, Resource Options, a full-service construction, design, environmental services staffing and emergency response firm out of Caldwell, NJ. Michael Ruzich and Colby Iyer joined the festivities and brought an extensive amount of knowledge on staffing solutions in our industry as well as plenty of foam footballs and air fresheners! Resource Options comes highly recommended by our members and offers a wide range of staffing solutions geared towards professional services firms (Visit their website for more information).

We would like to thank everyone who braved the winding roads of the Great Swamp to join us at the Stirling Hotel!  We hope to plan more haunting events in the future, perhaps a haunted house, escape room, or ghost tour! We had too much fun planning this event, in fact we’re still looking for some rogue eyeballs and ears!  

If you’re one of the unlucky souls that missed Spooky Spirits, don’t worry, we’re starting to plan our Holiday Spirits, which will be held on January 8th at Daikin Applied in Jersey City! Look for the save the date on the SMPS New York website!