This Spring, the SMPS-NY/NJ Virtual Carnival came to town, where classic carnival games were re-imagined with marvelous marketing twists! In between activities, the wheel of prizes was spun and participants took home prizes like SMPS t-shirts, slippers, and other marketing-related prizes. Winners of the events also went away with Starbucks gift cards!

Starting the evening with a Milk Can Pitch game, marketers at all levels delivered personal and professional elevator pitches to the group and received feedback on relevance, clarity, and call to action. The contestants agreed all round that the perfect pitch should be engaging and specific to the situation, no matter your job or title.

Another group of contestants gathered to behold and become, the dreaded Two-headed Marketer, i.e. the marketing professional split in two from juggling a few too many responsibilities! Spinning the wheel of chance, room guests participated in a live discussion of how they would handle conflicting tasks within any given day at the office.

In the second half of the event, in A/E/C Caricature Pictionary, teams battled the clock to draw NYC architectural landmarks. Using a virtual drawing program called Scribbl, participants drew NYC buildings, monuments, and stadiums, while their teammates had only a minute to guess what this mystery landmark could be! Drawing the Flatiron Building, Radio City Music Hall, and the Statue of Liberty in a minute or less proved to be challenging, but also super fun.

Meanwhile in Marketing Balloon Darts, participants “popped” a balloon to receive a marketing-related term like SEO, Winning Proposal, Website, and Go/No Go. They tested out verbal (and non-verbal) communication skills in three lighting rounds. Turns out some marketing words are a little harder to communicate then others, but the creativity of our contests was unmatched!

Amidst all our revelry, we are proud to announce that we raised over $500 for the Central Foodbank of NJ. Thank you again to all who donated and helped make a difference to New Jersey residents in need.

The “fun house” is closed for now, but we invite you to join us at our next SMPS-NY/NJ Affiliate Spirits event!