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Kirsten Haas Marketing Director Acoustic Distinctions

Kirsten Haas
Why video? As explained by ex-architectural designer turned film producer, Ian Harris of Arbuckle Industries, video efficiently captures and demonstrates the design process in a way unmatchable by any other medium. Video entices engagement as our media-crazed reality has us more inclined to tap a triangle over an image than read a chunk of copy.

[expand title=”Click here to read more…”] Its wide accessibility offers a powerful means to educate a broader population of what our industry is all about. Visceral aspects of video serve as a great acquisition tool for clients and employees. It’s affordable and viewership is measurable via live time analytics. In pitching use of video, 60% of web traffic is from on line video. Video will energize your social media campaign and fuel SEO goals. Types of videos to consider include company profiles, portfolio showcases, legacy project showcase and series. While in-house productions are a great way to archive work and gain familiarity with the production process, higher profile pieces with audio and interviewees will offer greater punch in the hands of professionals. Basic steps for video include equip, shoot, edit and release. More sophisticated efforts follow a process beginning with pre-production (developing a creative brief and plan), production, post production and distribution / outreach. When it comes to analytics, it is best that the video reside in one place – meaning the video‘s code is embedded in one location. While it can accessible through multiple channels via links, a single home offers greater accuracy of viewership data. Aggregate software packages can facilitate analytic capture for multiple postings. Many companies have their own YouTube or Vimeo channels to foster connections with mainstream outlets. Analytics convey how many people clicked video link and how long they watched. Viewership is gained or lost within the first 3 seconds of a piece – so a strong opening is critical. Q&A’s Principal Ego: Video entails a complicated effort to clarify messaging and integrate messaging with story line. Ego tends to interfere. How do you navigate the ego thing? “That’s the advantage of bringing in the pro’s – as an outside party, we can navigate the noise and take the heat off of you and justify choices based on lighting, editing logistics, etc. things they don’t exactly understand but can get on board with as part of a larger picture.” Client Authorization: How do you get permission from a client to access a site? “Make them part of the video as a stakeholder – strategize its distribution so that the piece positions them well among their constituents and they can use it for positive positioning as well.” Cost: How much does it cost to engage a professional production company for a short company profile piece? “Cost is contingent on various factors including number of shoots, the number of interviews, locations, the cost of equipment rentals, transportation, number of editing clips, etc. A 3-minute piece with a couple of interviewees will be in more than $10K but less than $25K.” What to Wear: Any advice on what someone being interviewed should or should not wear? “Avoid patterns / prints, skin tone colored shirts, white and solid black shirts. Women should refrain from wearing dangly jewelry that can disrupt audio quality” Tips for In-House Production Equipment to get started DSLR Camera –works in low light Lenses Fluid head tripod Time lapse remote[/expand]