[insert-author-info] The latest SMPS-NY Coordinators Club event focused on an important yet mystifying tool in firm branding – Wikipedia. Held at the offices of Leslie E. Robertson Associates (LERA), the firm’s Marketing Director, Carrie Villani led an interactive workshop which showcased her successful experiences in editing Wiki pages and content. Wikipedia is an important research and promotion tool given its priority it internet searches. The question is how can marketers use this tool to promote their firms? Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone but users must follow protocols in order for their edits to be accepted. In this interactive workshop, users were given some basic guidelines on Wiki editing and participated in live editing of various Wiki pages. The most important thing to keep in mind is that Wikipedia is not a publisher of new information. Any information you would like to post on Wiki needs to have been previously published elsewhere. All posts on Wiki need to be referenced and verifiable. You can reference an online article or a hard copy book but post a reference or else you could be blocked. Out of the attendees who had used Wiki previously, most had their edits blocked or user names banned altogether at one point or another. Do not give up. Learn as much as you can about the rules and find a way to work with them. The good news is you can always create a new user name and try again.  Another tip is to find another page aside from your firms to edit and update. Perhaps your favorite famous artist or your hometown Wiki needs an update? Wiki prefers editors to not have an attachment to their subject so try a little variety to get the hang of it. Please feel free to contact Carrie Villani with any questions or new Wiki tips carrie.villani@lera.com. Click HERE to see photos from the event.