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Robin Carathanasis Marketing Manager Lilker Associates

Robin Carathanasis
  • Director, SMPS-NY Westchester Affiliate
It was a fabulous evening to relax and unwind from a full day of marketing and business development in the office. We had a fun group of golfers TEE OFF their golf skills as our first Westchester Affiliate Golf Clinic and Networking Event. Charles Meola and Chris Caulfield, Golf Professionals of Saxon Woods Golf Course, taught us all how to grip, swing and follow through at the driving range. Our first swings with a golf club were practicing the techniques of the short game. Charlie and Chris pointed out improvements to our stance and grip, how to enhance our swings and working our short game. One of the mantras I heard a lot of was “follow thru”, another sports phrase that directly applies to our work lives every day. The real fun came going long at the driving range. Going, going, gone… well, nobody really went that long!! We all enjoyed watching the dance party and listening to the band under the big tent. I’m not sure who it was that asked if we could do this again (this summer!). Stay tuned. Click here to see photos from the golf event.