Patricia Tibere

Marketing Specialist


  • SMPS-NY Member

On September 22, over 50 marketers gathered for the first SMPS New York event of the 2017-2018 year in search of the “write” stuff to incorporate into proposals, award submissions, and press materials. This Coordinator’s Club lunchtime presentation garnered so much interest, that a larger venue was secured mid-planning at Langan’s NYC office to accommodate the demand.

Molly Heintz and Avinash Rajagopal, Co-Founders of the editorial consulting firm, Superscript presented this workshop for AEC marketers by sharing insights on strategizing, writing and pitching marketing pieces. They demonstrated examples on editorial strategy, narrative structure and compelling prose while incorporating best practices for transforming generic text into personable and engaging pieces. They also outlined these key takeaways to consider when crafting marketing pieces:


What is the goal of your text?
What is the main idea that you’re trying to get across?
Who is the audience for your text?
What are the big ideas you need to convey? (Details)

  • Editorial Strategy
  • What is the context/format of the text?
  • What is the storyline?
  • What is your perspective and tone of voice?
  • How can you tell the story?
  • Write for readability and multiple audiences.
  • Differentiate between story and specs.
  • Best Practices     


  • Tone of Voice: Let the character of the firm shine through.
  • Use direct speech as much as possible.
  • Personify the firm to emphasize the idea of collaboration.
  • Build a consistent narrative.
  • Narrative Structure: Create a hierarchy of information


  • Idea that reflects brand values. (Why vs. What)
  • Provide a solid description and conclusion.
  • Compelling Prose: Aim to engage your reader.


  • Start strong, end strong, and bookend the text with higher-level statements.
  • Break up text into short but concise sections.
  • Use a variety of editorial devices. (Titles, Nut Graph, Quotes, Statistics)



Go/No Go process: Focus on if the project…

  • Supports business development goals.
  • Links with a bigger theme.
  • Serves the public good.
  • Uses new technology.
  • Changes the way a client does business.
  • Turns a convention on its head.

“The Write Stuff” certainly lived up to the demand, and empowered me to approach marketing pieces with more intentionality on resonating with the reader. Throughout the presentation, Molly and Avinash stressed the importance of knowing our audiences and allowing the character of our respective firms to shine through text by sharing ideas that reflect brand values. This Coordinator’s Club meeting was a valuable event that equipped us marketers with techniques to implement on future proposals, award submissions, website blurbs, project descriptions and press releases.

Check out photos from the event here!