[insert-author-info] Of the many hats marketers are often asked to wear, event planner can be one of the most fun, creative and visible. It can also be incredibly high pressure and stressful. So how do we produce amazing events for our firms while avoiding any potential disasters? Alexis Newman, MBA, Corporate Senior Marketing Specialist, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH) joined the Coordinators Club to tell us how events are done! For her presentation on Precise Coordination, Extraordinary Results – Planning Successful Client Events, Alexis showed the group the origins, goals, concepts and feedback that led to SGH’s very successful events program. A few of the tips Alexis shared were that events take time to plan, a year in advance for larger events is necessary to book spaces and start reserving qualified speakers. Alexis led us through an event through the eyes of Amanda P. Architect. What would be a successful event for Amanda? Alexis went through a detailed list of touchpoints that would all add to Amanda’s experience, everything from an informative invite to a friendly face at registration and of course thoughtful content are important components to a successful event. If one is missing, your event may be in danger of not being successful in the eyes of your clients and attendees. This is why a holistic approach to the entirety of events “before, during and after” is vital to the success of your event. Alexis reviewed the Pros and Cons into offering events; Cons included the challenging and expensive nature of events. The Pros list was backed up by some impressive statistics from a 2016 report on B2B Content Marketing Trends, that stated 75% of firms found in-person events to be effective marketing tools. Alexis stressed that event planning is a team effort and the marketing staff have to work closely with firm technical staff, administration and legal support staff. Alexis reviewed list management, event space options, the importance of avoiding list fatigue, cool promotional giveaways and graphic materials for your event and having a backup plan for your backup plan. It is no doubt that Alexis knows her stuff and has received tremendous positive feedback from her firm and clients who have attended her events. The Coordinators Club was very lucky to have Alexis with us to share her knowledge and stories of triumph and overcoming a few challenges (and dumpsters) to make successful events happen. Her insight and passion certainly helped to make the latest Coordinators Club event a success! Hosted at the offices of Leslie E. Robertson Associates (LERA), this session of Coordinators Club was the first event to be live webcast to affiliate locations in New Jersey, Westchester and Long Island. This was also the first Coordinators Club to be AIA CES accredited. Future events will also offer 1 AIA CES Learning Unit. Click here to see photos from the event!