Jake McNally

Marketing Specialist Gensler

  • Member, SMPS-NY
On a stormy Cinco de Mayo, marketing professionals from the tri-state area braved the weather to find refuge from what can also be a turbulent ordeal: contract procurement with the City of New York. Fortunately, Ryan A. Murray from the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS) led a presentation and discussion at LERA’s downtown office about the development and rollout of the Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal (PASSPort) – a new online system that will replace the paper-based VENDEX process, streamline the City’s procurement process, and make all of our lives a bit easier. The City of New York’s current procurement protocol leaves some room for improvement. The process of pursuing, obtaining, and managing contracts with the City can oftentimes be time-consuming, inefficient, and antiquated compared to modern best practices and technology standards within the industry. Therefore, the MOCS is transforming the system with PASSPort. The new web-based portal will eliminate the paper-based VENDEX package submission process and allow vendors to create, own, and manage their account information online. PASSPort will integrate many vendor management activities into one user-friendly platform shared across all of New York City’s agencies, making it a one-stop shop for the City’s vendor information and transactions. This new system will increase access to contracting opportunities, expedite registration and review times, and enhance reporting capabilities to the benefit all City agencies and vendors alike. PASSPort will be available for use through two phases. On track for launch in Spring 2017, the first phase will allow vendors to create and manage their online accounts by completing the Vendor and Principal Questionnaires in the digital portal. (All vendors must complete Vendor and Principal Questionnaires online, regardless of their current VENDEX status.) Vendors will also be able to enroll in commodities that reflect their organization’s capabilities, and respond to contract-based performance evaluations. Phase two, scheduled for rollout in 2018, will allow vendors to search and respond to opportunities, track progress through the procurement lifecycle, and manage contract negotiations and documentation as well as purchase orders. Marketers in the New York metro area: be on the lookout! Registered vendors of the City of New York will be contacted by MOCS to begin the PASSPort enrollment process, and further training and support will be available in a variety of formats including classroom training, user manuals, and webinars. The City will also provide real-time support from the MOCS Help Desk, accessible via email at passport@mocs.nyc.gov. The forecast in New York is predicting clear skies from here on out. To check out images from the event, click here