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Kathryn Kucharski Marketing Manager Shawmut Design and Construction

A regionally diverse panel met on Tuesday, May 9th to discuss the future of arts and culture in the Tri-State area. Skillfully moderated by Kevin Poulin, Ph.D., P.E., Principal at Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, the panel included Natasha Caba Caputo, Westchester County, Director of Tourism & Film and President of Hudson Valley Tourism; of Westchester, Daniel Lafuente, Assistant Director, Liberty Science Center in Jersey City and leading the SciTech Scity campus; and John Darby, Vice President of Facilities for the Shubert Organization. The lively discussion included an opportunity to learn about upcoming projects, the funding situation and how to get on their bid and RFP lists. With 17 Broadway theaters in operation, John said the Shubert’s planning is based on show bookings and a failed show can mean a quick opportunity to renovate. The theaters are landmarked, so any alterations for show runs must be restored once the production ends. And the Shubert Foundation funds live theater and dance programing across the country to build future audiences and to increase arts access for guests across the economic spectrum. Daniel spoke of SciTech Scity’s desire and need to stay flexible on cost and design to keep it up to date technologically. As a learn/work/live/play campus, corporate and short-term student housing and permanent housing leases will ensure funding for the school and museum. Corporate and institutional partnerships ensure that programming is up-to-date and relevant to research and development work going on at science and technology firms. Natasha talked about how arts organizations in Westchester and the Hudson Valley aren’t trying to compete with the offerings in New York City, but are providing a different, more intimate experience and small budgets have increased collaborations amongst these arts groups to maximize the dollars they spend on marketing and advertising their offerings. Click here to view pictures from the event.