[insert-author-info] The TME 2016 Committee met earlier this month to kick-off planning for a new event. A committed group of talented marketers, business developers and business leaders, we are driven to bring you a full day professional development program this November known as THE Marketing Event. But, we won’t stop there! Our challenge for 2016 is to bring you a program unlike any other in New York. This year, we are challenging the notion of what a full-day conference could be for each attendee. Our Mission:
  • Create a day of professional development that is relevant to your career, no matter where you are on that path
  • Bring you programming that helps you deliver value to your firm and helps your firm bring value to your clients
  • Provide education that engages and inspires because it is timely and forward-thinking

This team represents many facets of our membership with broad experience here in New York and around the country, from large and small firms and with anywhere from 2 to 30 years of experience in professional services industries. The energy and commitment of the group was an amazing thing to witness from the first minute we sat down to brainstorm. And boy did we brainstorm! Even among such a diverse group of people, we were able to gain consensus on one major thread for TME 2016: it’s time to re-think what it could or should be. We examined what we’ve done in the past, how we need to evolve, and how important our members’ and attendees’ perspectives will be in this journey. And, it really is a journey to get from brainstorm to event day. This year, we are taking that first step with a Call for Ideas. If you saw the email from SMPS-NY on March 23, we hope you took the time to take the three-minute survey. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to take the survey here. Take the time to help us make TME 2016 the best event you’ll attend this year!