We all see the cranes and scaffolding that decorate the city streets like sprinkles on a cupcake, but what happens when there aren’t any more empty lots to fill? The demand to focus on repurposing and renovating older assets – think Brooklyn Navy Yards or Industry City – is on the rise. Former warehouses, historic banks, and empty public park spaces are being reimagined as high-tech commercial, residential and mixed-use spaces to meet the growing needs of NYC. But how can we as architecture, engineering and construction companies help owners  make the best use of idle or degrading assets?

We’ve gathered a top-tier panel, Patricia Hasuerman of Tishman Construction, Jonathan Bowles of Center for an Urban Future, Zachary Schwanbeck of AB Capstone, and Rose Tilley of RXR Realty to illustrate how our firms can take advantage of these opportunity zones. Join our panel on Tuesday, August 6th to engage with our panel of experts, network with SMPS-NY members, and discover strategies on how your firm can effectively respond to the needs of the real estate sector and policy-makers to address this critical market.