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Kirsten Haas Marketing Director Acoustic Distinctions

Kirsten Haas
While not known for talents with an iron skillet, 20th Century Sociologist, Robert Staughton Lynd is famed with the quote: “Knowledge is power only if man knows what facts not to bother with.”  Now in the Information Age where tons of information is at our fingertips, our days remain limited to 24 hours. This quote carries profound validity. Research – finding, analyzing and synthesizing information – is a key ingredient to building knowledge and positioning our firms to reign supreme. After all, marketing research is much like food. As food sustains our bodies, research helps sustain our organizations and enables them to thrive. With that correlation, grab your spatula, whisk and creativity for an evening with seasoned experts. Leverage your hunger for ways to better find, handle and package raw data and information. Learn how your research efforts can lead to an empowered path to forward momentum.  Satiate your appetite for ideas and knowledge and indulge your affinity for strategy.  This session puts you in the front row of hearing from marketers, business developers and researchers on practices that transform raw data and information to action and results. You’ll be exposed to ways to leverage ‘intel’ to lucrative business relationships and you’ll have the opportunity to take these insights and put them to action through a group interactive component.  As part of a team with fellow attendees, you’ll get hands on experience mixing research and strategy. You can touch the raw materials, feel your way through a recipe, taste, adjust and engage your instincts. You’ll collaborate an approach to a prepared scenario and be put to the test.  In addition to going head to head with other peer groups, a panel of judges will decide who reigns supreme and you could earn the distinction of “Iron Marketer”! CLICK HERE to learn more and to register.