Unlock Your Potential at the Marketing Hackathon!


While “hackathon” is commonly associated with computer programming, marketers have adopted the term to encapsulate a collaborative sprint – often oriented in strategic and thoughtful design – toward fresh ideas and solutions.

Paul Roetzer of PR 20/20 defines a marketing hackathon as “an interactive event in which marketers, executives, and/or entrepreneurs come together to solve business growth challenges.” As described by Kapost when planning their first marketing hackathon a year ago: “Our main goal is … give the team time to step back and think about new ways of doing everyday projects, entirely new projects, or barriers getting in the way that we previously haven’t had time to address.”

If you, too, are tired of doing the same old marketing just because it was done in the past, this is the event for you. 

The inaugural SMPS New York Marketing Hackathon will bring together talented professionals to brainstorm and solve marketing challenges in a fast-paced and stimulating environment. Four teams will be given an individual challenge, timeline, and budget, and will work in breakout spaces to develop a unique message and strategy before pitching it to Brent Robertson of Fathom for all to see.

Participants will experience teamwork at its finest, cultivate meaningful relationships, and feel the rush of creativity and camaraderie. Hosted in the beautiful Daiken showroom with panoramic views of Lower Manhattan – and just one subway stop from the World Trade Center – you will find the inspiration to bring great marketing ideas to life for years to come.

This is an exclusive event open to the first 40 registrants, so sign up today.